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Kristi is a newspaper-trained journalist with over six years of experience as a freelance writer. She both wrote and photographed for a local newspaper for three years before being offered a position in a large local real estate's marketing department. From there, she pursued a career as a Realtor, her real estate adventure lasting almost 10 years. After the fall of the real estate market, Kristi returned to her first love, writing, after completing a BA in American history.

This go-round, she's been lucky enough to not only write for a variety of newspapers and magazines, but create content and marketing materials as well. Her varied experiences as a writer, gardener, farmer, home builder and Realtor have given her ample real-world experiences to draw from when creating materials for many different platforms.

Kristi is well-versed in SEO, understands how social media functions and delivers clean content on time, every time.
Real Estate


Kristi is focusing more of her efforts on writing for home and garden segments, but does sometimes accept contracts for business journalism pieces, marketing copy and quirky, miscellaneous pieces.


Kristi's interest in learning has created a wide platform from which she can draw for her writing projects. Whether she's working on a fiction piece, creating how-to guides for gardeners with distressed flowers or extolling the virtues of a particular product, Kristi often has a kernel of knowledge from which to begin.


Columbia College

Kristi returned to school after the collapse of the real estate market to finish her BA in American history. She researched and wrote several long projects centered on figures and social movements of the American Western Movement and the Depression.


1,000 Projects Completed

Kristi writes garden articles for eHow Home and Garden and The San Francisco Gate Chronicle. She specializes in Integrated Pest Management, plant pathology and botany titles.


100 Projects Completed

As part of eHow Home and Garden, Kristi was expected to write about home improvement from time to time. Because of her real estate and construction expertise, she is familiar with many of the procedures and materials involved.


100 Projects Completed

Kristi occasionally writes pieces about animal husbandry for a variety of online publications. At one time, she maintained a blog about running a dairy goat farm.

Real Estate

30 Projects Completed

As a Realtor, Kristi wrote hundreds of marketing pieces for her own listings and sales seminars. She's had a few opportunities to write about the Chicagoland real estate market for Chicago Agent magazine and the business of real estate for


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