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Alex believes that food is meant to be played with, as many well-regarded chefs will admit if asked. His love of cooking grew out of an early love of chemistry and math. Armed with cookbooks written by Julia Child, James Beard and Fannie Farmer, he planned out minute-by-minute schedules for the preparation of the next day's gourmet meals as a live-in chef in his early 20s.

While he has since studied linguistics, mathematics, computer science, literature and law on the graduate level, the articles and blogs he most enjoys writing are on food and ways to play with recipes. His articles are designed to show his reader how to make cooking fun and easy -- whether he's making a quick meal for himself or a gourmet meal for a large party.

He also enjoy writing educational articles on mathematics and science. He tutors children and adults with math difficulties and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for algebra and other dreaded math topics with others. His math articles show readers how to view the theorems and proofs they must learn as tricks they carry about in a magic bag. Armed with these tricks, and the understanding of how to use them, even the most math-resistant student can learn to enjoy this subject.

He's written a number of science fair project articles on topics such as water displacement, non-Newtonian fluids and the formation of stalactites and stalagmites in caves. He enjoys the challenge of presenting the underlying principles for each project in such a way that the reader understands why the results achieved in each project actually happen.

He's also written hundreds of articles including SEO, press releases, blog entries, product reviews and travel pieces.

When he's not writing for a client, Alex keeps up with his Livejournal, which he's maintained for over ten years, his poetry and his short stories.


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Cooking is an ongoing love for Alex. James Beard and Julia Child were early influences, and their teaching made it possible for him to become a live-in gourmet cook without formal training. His emphasis is on sharing the enjoyment and ease of preparation of good food. His current influences are Jamie Oliver and the Cooking for Engineers website.

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