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Danielle H
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Before launching into freelance writing in 2006, Danielle refined her research skills as a fact-checker and editorial assistant for print magazines and online publications. Besides consistent writing on health, wellness and travel, she enjoy continuously researching and writing on new topics. As examples of breadth, past projects have included translating a handbook of new compression treatments for vascular disease, writing university-level coursework in Jewish medical ethics and editing self-help materials based on Neuro-linguistic programming.

Danielle has ample exposure to SEO techniques, though for most of her clients, SEO considerations are secondary to the sound composition and informative content she offers. She has extensive experience with appropriate voice and formatting for online publication, corporate writing and sales.

Danielle holds a B.A. from Brown University in literary translation and comparative literature, which has provided a solid background in using language precisely toward specific goals. Her continuing studies in Neuro-linguistic programming and in the Feldenkrais Method both support her writing on health and wellness.


One of Danielle's specialties is travel writing, specifically travel in Europe and the United States, as well as special-interest travel, such as themed excursions, unusual destinations and alternative forms of transport and accommodation. She also specializes in health and wellness, specifically fitness, alternative medicine and preventative therapies.


Special interests include world literature and culture, especially contemporary poetry, music, film and visual art. Hobbies include martial arts, travel, gardening and cooking. Non-fiction reading primarily focuses on psychology, hypnosis, religion, herbalism, eastern medical systems and the Feldenkrais method.


Brown University

- Ivy League education

- Extensive academic reading and writing in both English and Spanish

- Study of the theory and practice of composition, as applied to translation and literature

Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

- Studied under NLP co-founder, Richard Bandler

Mind Body Studies Academy

- Trained under Moshe Feldenkrais' first student, Mia Segal


200 Projects Completed

Danielle's experience in travel writing is among the most varied of any areas she specializes in; she has provided on-location fact-checking and editing for print travel guides and has composed short-format general reference articles for faraway destinations, handling all the research remotely. Many of her travel writing projects have focused on alternative travel methods, such as low-budget accommodations or rural tourism. She has also produced extensive reports on pet-friendly accommodations throughout the United States. As a writing sample, she has provided an excerpt from a short guide to traveling in Switzerland as a student.


102 Projects Completed

Health is another major area of interest for Danielle, in which she has primarily provided content on alternative therapies and traditional medicine. Also within the general health field, she has written extensively on diet and exercise, with numerous articles on the relative health benefits of specific exercise techniques or tips for maintaining a healthy, personalized diet over the long term. She has submitted an excerpt form a short-format piece for online publication that focuses on exercise and children's muscle development.


100 Projects Completed

Gardening ranks among Danielle's primary areas of interest, for which she regularly composes general interest and how-to style articles. She has extensive experience writing on various soil types and their effect on crops and home plantings. Other areas she has covered include landscape design, xeriscaping, efficient watering techniques and native plants. Though Danielle's personal gardening experience is primarily in subtropical and Mediterranean growing climates, she has provided articles for clients requiring information on a broad range of growing conditions. One highly specific article was on identifying root rot in the azalea, as excerpted below.


91 Projects Completed

Much of Danielle's experience in educational writing is based on professional experience as a teacher of English as a foreign language. Past writing projects have included informational essays directed at teachers and students, blog-style posts, how-to articles and study guides. She has also written on a broad range of themes; some specific projects have included a scene-by-scene study guide for Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and university-level coursework materials in Jewish medical ethics. Other projects for online publication have included guides to study abroad programs in specific countries and ideas for creative science fair experiments. She is including an excerpt from a piece on teaching practices in TESOL (Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages).


50 Projects Completed

Danielle's experience in food writing is primarily supported by a long-time personal interest in cooking and baking. Through research and hands-on experimentation, she has created many guides to specific cooking techniques, primarily for online publication. Besides writing on strictly culinary themes, many of her pieces have focused on the nutritional side of eating and food preparation. Past projects have included articles on food as medicine or methods of preparing popular health foods. Another area of interest is alternative cooking methods; past projects have included short-format tips and strategies for substituting ingredients in common recipes. The following sample is from an article on creative methods of preparing canned corn.


1,040 Projects Completed

Danielle's expertise in article writing is focused on short-format articles for online publication, usually around 500 words. Areas of particular expertise include introductory articles, how-to articles and detailed articles on highly specific niche subjects.

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