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Mark's experience in health care, business and technology allows him to create products that meet the needs of his client's audience. Whether the product is for education, marketing or is a call to action, Mark knows how to connect with the reader.

While content is important, so is the tone. Mark knows when it's important to write in a conversational tone and when to present material like a lecturer. He can write to varying levels of reader education and background. With every assignment, Mark asks himself "How should I approach this piece so the reader gets the most benefit from the content?"

A professional and authoritative piece flows logically, uses correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. With thousands of projects completed, Mark knows the techniques to make sure each piece meets the level of quality expected by his clients.

Mark works on a variety of assignments to maintain an interesting mixture of writing. While he enjoys writing about the topics with which he is most familiar, he also chooses assignments in areas requiring research to further expand his own knowledge.

There is power in words and Mark knows how to best use them whether the project is to enhance the SEO of a software startup web site or to educate seniors on what to expect when recovering from a total hip joint replacement.


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Mark B's Craft Industry Experience

97 Projects Completed

Mark has written several blogs and articles about jewelry making and selling. His background in silver jewelry crafting and selling on the Internet makes this an interesting topic on which he enjoys writing.

Industry Projects

  • Business1,000+
  • Medical1,000+
  • Technology1,000+
  • Home Living500+
  • Pets100+
  • Spirituality100+
  • Craft50+
  • Software50+

Summary of Industry Experience


As a small business consultant, Mark learned about business planning, best practices and efficient operations management. This experience translates into the authoritative writing projects that he takes on.


Mark's extensive background in a variety of medical specialties allows him to write with authority on these topics.


With a background as a database designer, developer and technical manager, Mark brings an authoritative tone to his technical writing projects.

Home Living

Mark uses his knowledge of troubleshooting to help the homeowner successfully complete projects around the home to save them time and money.


Mark taps into his knowledge of pet illnesses to write about pet care and disease prevention. He writes extensively about chronic illnesses and taking care of the senior pet.


Mark has written articles, blog posts and a regular monthly "spiritual growth" crossword puzzle for a small magazine. His interest is in how people become aware and conscious and the path on which they choose to experience and discover life.


Mark has written several blogs and articles about jewelry making and selling. His background in silver jewelry crafting and selling on the Internet makes this an interesting topic on which he enjoys writing.


Mark has worked with numerous software products over the past 30 years. Hands-on experience with software allows him to write with authority on the topic. He is able to do software reviews with the perspective of what to look for, what works, what doesn't and what isn't cost effective in the given environment.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Twitter Post100+
  • Facebook Post100+

Summary of Product Experience


Mark has written articles on topics ranging from heeding the warning of chest pain to how to brush your cat's teeth. He varies the tone depending on the expected audience and purpose of the article.

Blog Post

Mark has written blog posts for medical, business and technical web sites. The tone can be educational, humorous, opinionated or generate a call to action depending on the desires of his clients.

Twitter Post

Mark uses Twitter posts to draw attention to his clients primary products, services and informational articles.

Facebook Post

Mark understands the power of social networking platforms and creates posts that keep people coming back for more.

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