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Johanna was raised by an English/history teacher - and built a writer's support center that thrives. A seasoned non-profit administrator and successful grant writer, she is proficient in all forms of online content delivery. She published and wrote content for two regional magazines and was staff writer for several local newspapers. She has a children's book, books of poetry and an earth building manual available.

Johanna has been providing high-quality writing for satisfied customers for many years through multiple online content sites. Well versed in humor, SEO, copy-writing, social media, technical writing, travel writing, professional voice narratives, high-technology, parenting, green living and joyful, poetic approaches to life - she is fast, professional, effective and prolific at her craft.

She loves to travel and has spent significant time in the Amazon Jungle, Himalayas of India, and on numerous tribal reservations in the US and Canada.


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Industry Projects

  • Green Living100+
  • Non Profit100+
  • Garden100+
  • Spirituality20+

Summary of Industry Experience

Green Living

Johanna has worked for both online writing sites as well as independent contracting clients providing SEO content for green living, green family, adobe construction, live-strong articles and much more.

Non Profit

Johanna has written scores of successful grant proposals, job descriptions, newsletters and process manuals for organizations under her care.


Johanna has consulted for and completed about ten major food and herb production garden projects. She has written over 100 articles for online clients in a How-To format, as well as delivering blog content and SEO forms for clients with sales sites.


Aside from writing assignments on the subject - Johanna volunteers her work to spiritual causes and has not asked to get paid for this work.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post500+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

While working for online writer contracting sites, Johanna has delivered well over nine hundred blog posts. Most of these assignments contained SEO keywords. She did this while maintaining a five-star status.

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