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Caleb M has worked as a professional writer since 2003. He graduated from Liberty University as a National Merit Scholar with a Bachelor of Science in Print Journalism. He has more than seven years of experience in training and coaching martial arts and personal fitness, and he competes as a professional mixed martial artist. Although he has extensive experience in writing about a wide variety of topics, he particularly focuses on those related to his passion for physical fitness. He also has worked hands-on with pay-per-click marketing and search engine optimization, which has given him a uniquely practical approach to his work as a freelance writer.
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Caleb is comfortable writing in a number of different formats. The majority of his projects are articles for blogs or print or online magazines. He also written extensively for product description and sales copy projects. He can structure his material from a variety of tones, ranging from the casual and conversational to the authoritative and journalistic.


Caleb competes as a professional mixed martial artist, a sport about which he is extremely passionate. But he also graduated college on a full ride National Merit Scholarship and is an extensive reader in his free time. He strives to be a well-rounded individual, with -- obviously -- extremely varied interests.


Liberty University

Caleb M graduated from Liberty University on a full ride National Merit Scholarship in the spring of 2008.


329 Projects Completed

Caleb M works as a personal trainer, and has extensive expertise in such areas as boot camp fitness, kettlebells, weight loss techniques, resistance training and so on.


321 Projects Completed

As part of his work as a coach and personal trainer, Caleb M has extensively studied how to live a healthy lifestyle. This is critical for people who want to get into shape; his job is not to simply teach them a few workouts, but to teach them how to optimize the way they live, both physically and mentally, for the rest of their lives.


300 Projects Completed

Nutrition is another area that is critical to understand as a coach and personal trainer. In addition to being an expert in the general principles of good and bad nutrition, Caleb M also has studied how to individualize these principles for different backgrounds, fitness levels and health goals.

Search Marketing

52 Projects Completed

Caleb M has performed significant work, both personally and as part of a family business growing up, in the marketing field. He is an expert in pay-per-click marketing, and is proficient in SEO, copywriting and related fields.


849 Projects Completed

The vast majority of the writing projects Caleb has completed as a freelancer have been articles. Their styles have ranged from the extremely technical to the extremely casual, and their topics have ranged from bass fishing to white hat search engine optimization.

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347 Projects Completed

Caleb has written articles for many different blogs, including those dealing with home repair, how-to, fitness, weight loss, small business ownership and many other topics.

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