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Nishad J earned his Associates Degree in Visual Communications at The Art Institute of Houston. He has written hundreds of articles, blog posts and technical documents for a number of leading clients and vendors. He's also been an editor and copywriter on several projects, which have ranged from sports and fitness to technology and communications. He is currently an active writer and specializes in a wide array of topics. From health and finance to Internet marketing and business, Nishad has facilitated countless clients with a diverse and energetic writing style. He is also a member SIGGRAPH, and continues to create captivating and compelling content.

Brand Development/Marketing

Nishad J has worked on several marketing and advertising campaigns. From the Houston Parks and Recreation Department to American Lung Association, he was part of a team that specialized in brand enhancement and web presence. He also provided concepts for Tele-Group International, while working as a Marketing Assistant for Tele-Works, Inc. As part of a direct marketing team for Creative Consumer Research, he conducted face-to-face interviews to capture public opinion on various products and services.

Currently, he is developing an advertising strategy for AAA Bazaar, an international grocery and fine foods supplier in Houston. This includes website production, promotional videos, and content to be utilized in weekly publications. His other projects include web enhancement for MP Charities and marketing collateral. With over 10 years of web content and freelance writing experience, Nishad J’s work is proudly displayed on several websites and interactive forums.


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Nishad J's Script/Video Product Experience

17 Projects Completed

Nishad has worked on several scripts for promotional and marketing videos. This includes videos for SEO agencies, as well as fitness professionals and trainers.

Industry Projects

  • Insurance100+
  • Entertainment50+
  • Sports50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Insurance is an intricate and challenging market. From rate comparisons to finding online quotes, Nishad has written a vast array of insurance articles for well-known vendors. Whether it’s finding a local insurance depot, or modifying existing coverage, his articles are designed to be informative and helpful. With soaring healthcare costs, several individuals have taken to the Internet for fast and effective information. To meet this growing demand, Nishad has produced well over 100 articles on the insurance sector. While most of the articles have been for clients, quite a few have also been utilized on personal blogs and even online medical sites.


Nishad has tackled an array of entertainment articles over the years. From the latest releases to upcoming concerts, his writing projects have covered a number of musical styles and genres. Like his sports articles, he has also written a wide array of entertainment articles for leading concert promoters and ticket sites. Whether it’s rock and roll tours, or the newest in international hip-hop, Nishad truly enjoys the diversity of music and it’s global impact. As a result, his expertise in this category is comparable to any music writer or enthusiast. While he showcases the current happenings, Nishad also strives to highlight any artist’s past accolades and achievements.


Nishad has written several articles and blog posts on sports. From StubHub to Ticketmaster, he has also written a number of sports articles to attract ticket buyers and customers. With over 70 projects in this field alone, his work has covered a range of sporting teams and franchises. This includes the NFL, MLB, NCAA, and even World Wrestling Entertainment. As a sports enthusiast and aficionado, Nishad currently produces content for “Curse Busters.” This is a New England based sports venue, which specializes in Patriots football, along with covering the Boston Red Sox. While Nishad enjoys writing on numerous topics, his expertise in sports is highly measurable.

Product Projects

  • Article500+
  • Web Page500+
  • Product Description100+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Press Release100+
  • Script/Video10+

Summary of Product Experience


Nishad has written a number of articles on a range of subjects. This includes sports, insurance, technology, health, fitness, medicine, entertainment, and countless other topics.

Web Page

Seasoned web content writer with countless projects and work reflected across the Web. Have and continue to produce web content for all clients and customers. This includes SEO content that is easy to scan and digest, along with precise work that extends any brand's reach across Google. Expert in keyword generation and placement, as well as LSI, link-building, and social media integration.

Product Description

Specializes in product descriptions and reviews for all brands. Assisted several start-up brands with product integration and content showcasing. From Amazon to Google product and service reviews, continues to deliver high-quality work for a wide array of clients and companies.

Blog Post

Have extensive industry experience in blog posts. This includes social media posts and links, along with web content. Have successfully produced over 200 blog posts for a range of bloggers and clients that span numerous industries and niches.

Press Release

Nishad is a PR specialist and currently manages three distribution blogs for vendors. He has also written a number of press releases for clients, customers, news agencies, and media outlets.


Nishad has worked on several scripts for promotional and marketing videos. This includes videos for SEO agencies, as well as fitness professionals and trainers.

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