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Jackie B earned her B.A. in English from Moorhead and has worked as a researcher and writer for over 25 years in residential real estate, starting as a market analyst for Pulte Homes in Phoenix. After becoming an independent contractor, she worked with large and small homebuilders across the U.S. in various capacities, all involving research and writing.

While contracting, she pursued her interests in green living and became an expert in solar cooking, and participates in local politics involving water and air quality management. She spearheaded the efforts in Phoenix to reduce outdoor water consumption by introducing xeriscape landscaping techniques.

She writes articles and content for several top tier online publishing companies on a variety of topics, including real estate, environmental stewardship, green living, home and garden, HVAC systems, travel, pets, arts and crafts and health.

As an online writer, she understands the importance of SEO and has helped a number of website owners boost their positions in the search engines from obscurity to the top 20 positions. Clients include worm farmers, LEED contractors, stockbrokers and handcrafters.


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Industry Projects

  • Garden500+
  • Real Estate500+
  • Craft100+
  • Green Living100+

Summary of Industry Experience


As a lifelong gardener, Jackie B has completed hundreds of informative, how to and essay articles about gardening all over the U.S. The topics ranged from creating healthy soil to growing specific plants.

Real Estate

Jackie was the director of research for several of Pulte Home's divisions for more than a decade. All findings and conclusions from primary and secondary research in real estate research were presented both verbally and in a written format as extensive reports. In addition to the work for Pulte, Jackie has written reports, press releases and articles for private clients.


As an experienced knitter and tailor, I have written many articles about these crafts for Demand Media Studios.

Green Living

Her long-time commitment to the environment and sustainable living prompted Jackie to study earth science, soils, geology, chemistry and water resource management in college. She is the author of a popular solar cookbook and has written blog posts, press releases and articles about sustainability.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Article1,000+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

She's written many blog posts covering a variety of topics, from pet care to financial issues in the real estate field.


She's written thousands of articles about energy efficiency, HVAC and other home and garden topics.

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