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Tracy is a prolific ghostwriter with a slew of online articles and her goal is to become one of today's best SEO writers.

History demanded that Tracy be an excellent communicator. In a career of writing correspondence and proofreading for an advertising agency, Tracy is now expert in delivering the power of the written word.


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Summary of Industry Experience

Real Estate

Tracy has published numerous articles as a ghostwriter and enjoys promoting affluent real estate as described in the article (SEO) below. This article was sold in June of 2013.


Tracy writes informative articles for numerous clients and is published as a ghostwriter. The following article was researched and sold in June of 2013. This particular article promotes pest control in Adelaide Australia.

Web Development

Tracy has written two articles for the same client promoting cloud storage and managing business data and business intelligence. The following article was sold (SEO) which names the client and uses keywords in regards to promoting cloud storage.

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