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Beth is a Registered Nurse with over forty years of experience in both hospital-based and community health care, including 35 years of management and quality improvement experience. She also teaches nursing students about domestic violence. Beth can write anything from a newsletter to a policy manual. In addition, Beth has extensive experience in ranching, gardening, general agriculture and animal husbandry and can write knowledgeably on those subjects.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Interpreting medical research studies for the general public as 400-500 word articles that a lay person can read and understand. Serves on an internal review board for research into energy medicine and previously served on an editorial board for a state-wide consortium of community health centers with a focus on quality improvement and a research library on that subject.


Twenty-five years of experience in medical/surgical nursing ten years of that in orthopedics and neuro-surgical nursing; thirty-five years experience in nursing management. Thirteen years experience in a community health center. Five years in health care quality improvement.


Extensive experience in the theories and practice of the use of diet to promote health, with a focus on the use of traditional techniques such as fermenting foods and soaking grains for maximum nutrition. Has written many short articles on a variety of nutrition-related topics for the lay person.


Many years of experience in family cooking and home food preservation. Beth's family raises most of their food and she is knowledgeable about old-fashioned means of food preservation such as root cellaring, smoking, brining and canning. They also do their own butchering of both large and small animals such as cows, pigs and chickens.


Personal blog about experience ranching in far northern California. Beth raises Quarter Horses, sheep and pigs, and has beef and dairy cattle for personal use, as well as gardens and orchards.


Lifetime organic gardener, both food and ornamental gardens, as well as fruit orchards. Understands the ecological concepts related to gardening with fossil fuel-derived pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers as compared to organic methods of mixed husbandry and integrated pest management.


Beth taught nurses and other health-care professionals for many years on subjects ranging from medication administration to minor traumatic brain injury. Fifteen years experience teaching health-care staff and nursing students about domestic violence. Also taught in the volunteer class for our local women's refuge.

Product Projects

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  • Article100+
  • Grant/Proposal4

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Personal blog devoted to ranching/farming and related activities, with an emphasis on self-sufficiency. The audience of the blog includes those who are actively engaged in similar work, as well as people who would like to become more self-sufficient and want to learn how to do so. The tone of the blog is conversational, with light humor.


Over 350 articles on health and nutrition, 400-500 words. Subjects covered range from comparisons between different types of supplements and vitamins to nutritional composition of specific foods to the relationship between nutrition, nutrient deficiencies and health. Articles are written for the layperson from expert research or peer-reviewed sources.


Experience with grant-writing and reporting for a federally-qualified health center. FQHCs depend on grants for about 20% of operating expenses. The grant proposal must match the healthcare needs of the patient population served as well as the local community and the larger healthcare issues of the state and/or nation. All deliverables are tracked, trended and reported to the funding agency.

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