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April has written online content for several years now. She's a frequent contributor to other content broker services and keeps up with a blog detailing her experiences on her family's farm. April also contributes to a homesteading website.


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Gardening is a hobby that April's entire family can do together. Last year they grew bushels of corn, cucumbers for pickles, tomatoes, bell peppers and too many watermelons to eat! They have also planted numerous fruit trees and are hoping through the years to increase the self-sufficiency of the farm.

Industry Projects

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  • Home Living100+
  • Agriculture100+
  • Fitness100+
  • Nutrition100+
  • Food50+
  • Kids/Family50+
  • Education50+
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  • Green Living20+
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Summary of Industry Experience


April has written hundreds of pieces for women. She's focused on breastfeeding, relationships, shopping, crafts and health. Women have unique viewpoints, and April succeeds at capturing the hearts of her readers.

April understands that motherhood is a beautiful thing, but women are much more than "just" moms. Women want to be the best parents that they can be, while still being appreciated for just being who they are. At the same time, motherhood brings its own special joys and new dimensions to women.

April also understands the delicate balance of work, life and relationships. She has four children and a husband who need her care and affection. However, she works part-time, homeschools the kids, and helps on the family farm. It is hard to keep it all balanced, but she is able to prioritize to better manage her time and energy.

Home Living

April has been a stay at home mother for sixteen years. Over the course of those years, she has perfected her homemaking skills. She knows how to keep a home clean and shining and she can help others about cleaning routines that will increase the efficiency of the household tasks.


April has written hundreds of articles about farming and farm-related topics. Her family raises Black Angus cattle, a few dairy cattle, owns chickens and several horses. The agricultural lifestyle is extremely familiar to April because she lives it every day.

She can write authoritatively on topics such as gardening, cattle raising, and farming. Currently, she is a regular contributor to www.cattleforum.com, writing articles about cattle health, nutrition, and management.

She raises calves on bottles, grows a large garden, and helps schedule the family cows' artificial insemination. She also manages the family orchard and plans for planting and harvesting.

April has two farm blogs that she maintains; On these blogs she details life in her garden and on her farm.


April has written several hundred articles about fitness. She loves doing Pilates and has thoroughly researched the history and methodology of this helpful form of exercise.

April also loves more high-intensity forms of exercise as well. She enjoys running and workout videos like Tae Bo and Turbo Jam.


April has written many articles about nutrition. Because she farms with her family, she knows about food. She prefers natural, organic foods, and her family farms to ensure that they know where their food comes from. Although she has had four kids, she has been able to lose the baby weight and keep it off through good nutrition and an active lifestyle.


April loves cooking cuisine of all types. She is a skilled baker, specializing in pies and breads. She is also very inventive in the kitchen, creating new recipes. April loves to cook from scratch. Although she usually prefers to prepare meals that feature classic American fare, she also enjoys creating Mexican, Greek, Cajun and Italian dinners for her family to enjoy.


As a mother of four, April has plenty of hand-on, practical experience in parenting. Although her children are past the infant and toddler years, she spent over twelve years either pregnant, nursing or potty training. Therefore, the memories of those busy, hectic times are unforgettable. Now that her children are older, she is experiencing the normal parenting challenges, like teaching her kids to help out around the house, teen mood swings, and picky eaters.


Education is very important to April and her husband. This is why they chose to school their children at home. Not only can she prepare them for college, she can give them the character tools they will need to be a success in life.

April understands that children all learn differently and should be educated as individuals. Every student won't fit into the same mold. April has done extensive research into educational philosophies, techniques and ideas so that each of her children are taught in the way that suits them best.


April loves to make beautiful things. Sewing, jewelry making, painting, sketching, and interior design are all enjoyable hobbies for this talented and creative woman.

April sews clothing, quilts, things for the home, purses, and toys.She can embellish any of these items with embroidery, applique or other decorative designs.

April has a passion for fine art as well. She loves drawing with pastel, colored pencil or pen and ink. She also can paint with watercolor or acrylic.

Green Living

By living on a farm, one can fully understand the benefits of green living. Everything April's family does is calculated to give back what is used from the earth. When the animals graze on a field, they return the nutrients used to the earth by later spreading their manure. This family understands that using harsh chemicals on the land only depletes it. Everything that one puts into the land will come back to the family in the products that are raised for human consumption.


Gardening is a hobby that April's entire family can do together. Last year they grew bushels of corn, cucumbers for pickles, tomatoes, bell peppers and too many watermelons to eat! They have also planted numerous fruit trees and are hoping through the years to increase the self-sufficiency of the farm.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Article100+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Sharing her experiences and insights to help others learn something that April thoroughly enjoys! She has learned so many things the hard way, and April loves helping others avoid her mistakes and consider new viewpoints.

April also can put herself in other people's shoes and express what others might have written if they were so inclined. She enjoys "getting into other people's heads" so to speak and trying to share others' ideas with the world.


April has written numerous articles on a wide range of topics. She enjoys learning new things and doing research on interesting topics. By accepting articles covering interesting topics, April has broadened her horizons and exposed herself to new ideas, facts and hobbies.

A favorite client once asked April to write an extensive article on a completely unfamiliar topic. In less than two weeks, April had thoroughly researched the subject and written an excellent article, totally pleasing the client.

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