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Nicole has extensive experience in freelance, content and blog writing. Specialties include: pets, education, "green" living, home improvement, interior design, children and debt.

As a freelance content writer, Nicole has over 1500 articles published on the web in a wide variety of subjects. The goal of every article is to please the client and inform the audience.

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Nicole specializes in how-to writing, instructional pieces and blog content.


Nicole has a deep-seeded love of education, considering life the best teacher of all. Pets are a second love, followed closely by reading, children and home improvement.


Lorain County Community College

Nicole earned an AA in the summer of 2011 and transferred to a four-year institution in the fall of the same year.

Cleveland State University

Nicole is currently a Junior with a 4.0 GPA. She will earn a BA in special education and then pursue her master's in the same subject.


200 Projects Completed

Nicole has graduated with an Associates Degree from college with extensive experience in online learning/distance education. Graduating with a bachelor's degree from a state university, she is well versed and comfortable writing about any college related topic.


100 Projects Completed

Nicole has a bachelor of science in special education and is currently an elementary school teacher working with special needs students.


11 Projects Completed

Nicole is a veterinary assistant, a certified obedience instructor and has studied under an animal behaviorist.

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1,900 Projects Completed

Nicole concentrates in how-to, top ten and blog-type posts. Happy to share information that she knows, Nicole has written over 1900 articles that have been published on various websites.

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