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Beth T. holds an M.S. in clinical psychology and has been an independent writer since the year 2000. She has written parenting and child mental health articles for Livestrong, and articles on organizational psychology for PayScale. She has also written curricula and workbooks for other teachers and for library use.


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Beth T.'s portfolio includes various lesson plans for teachers of preschool through 12th grade students, and study guides for high school level students. She has written curricula for other teachers in language arts, social studies, theater and arts and crafts. Her study guides focus on understanding and learning to appreciate and enjoy the works of Shakespeare.


Beth T. writes organic gardening tips and tricks from her own research and experience gardening in both California and Vermont. After moving from California to the Northeast Kingdom, Beth built a greenhouse to extend her growing season and improve her crops. She has learned much by doing, and enjoys writing about her experiences for the benefit of others.


Beth T. has written numerous articles explaining how businesses are structured and how they work. She has also written short articles offering information on paying taxes for both businesses and individuals. She believes in breaking things down into pieces that are easy to understand.


Beth T. has used her background and interest in psychology to write advice articles to parents of babies, toddlers, children, and teenagers.

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Beth T.'s restaurant blog is a mixture of restaurant industry news, social philosophy and humor.

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