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Cindy has been writing since 1984. She has many years of experience as a technical writer and has written both user and repair manuals. She has also been published in consumer publications such as Radiance Magazine and the American Kennel Club Gazette. She has been writing Internet content since 2007.

She will write anything from informal general interest pieces through detailed technical documents. She thoroughly researches everything and uses only reliable sources of information.

Her work is consistently both on target and on time.


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Industry Projects

  • Garden100+
  • Pets100+
  • Finance50+
  • Green Living20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Cindy has experience with gardening, and is particularly interested in the use of earthworms for composting. She also uses hydroponics and aeroponics as a method of indoor gardening, and finds these are an interesting and easy way to start cuttings and grow herbs, lettuce, and other greens.


Cindy has extensive experience with pets of all kinds, both traditional and the more exotic. She raised and showed Newfoundland dogs for many years, plus she has experience as a dog trainer and veterinary assistant. Her articles have appeared in the AKC Gazette, and she currently has articles appearing on the Daily Puppy and eHow Pets websites.


Cindy has experience with a variety of finance subjects, particularly IRAs, 401(k) plans and other kinds of retirement funding. Her work appears on the Motley Fool website as well as sites such as Chron and eHow Money. She finds it rewarding to make difficult subjects easy for readers to understand.

Green Living

Cindy has researched and written on recycling topics, and she is particularly interested in such things as using earth worms to recycle paper and household waste. She has taught people in her town how to make and use worm bins for small scale recycling tasks. She also advocates the use of recycled materials in both home and garden projects.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+

Summary of Product Experience


Cindy has been writing full time for many years and has created hundreds of articles on many different topics during that time. She always writes to the client's title and content specifications. Some of her work uses my pseudonym "Cindy Quarters" while other work either has no byline or is given the client's name as a byline. She uses only the best references and resources for creating articles and always cross-references to ensure the reliability and validity of information.

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