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Cindy has written articles in a wide range of formats, focusing primarily on informational articles and blog posts, though she is capable of writing most format styles. She has been publishing articles online for approximately seven years, but writing has been a passion since a very young age.

She is both a by-lined author and ghostwriter of hundreds of articles on health, business, software, manufacturing, fitness, pets, medical, agriculture, animals and home decorating. She’s a skilled researcher and works well independently. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, she was a small business owner for over 17 years.

Cindy is now a full-time freelance writer; therefore, her clients’ work is her top priority. She is available for work, responsive to all client contacts and never misses a deadline.

As a business owner, she had to wear many hats, exposing her to various aspects of business ownership including:
+ Developing and writing company policies and procedures
+ Creating employee training manuals and training employees
+ Creating print-ready advertising and marketing materials
+ Writing articles for her company's newsletters, client and employee
+ Writing the script for and hosting a weekly radio program
+ Creating social media campaigns
+ Publishing blogs
+ Responsible for all website design and development

She has 12 years’ combined experience in the Department of Defense and medical diagnostic industries as an associate mechanical design engineer. During her employment with various companies, she created training manuals, trained various types of course and designed mechanical systems utilizing computer-aided drafting systems.


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Cindy M's Consumer Goods Industry Experience

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Cindy M. has written several articles reviewing consumer products. Her reviews cover all aspects of the product including the pros and cons.

Industry Projects

  • Health100+
  • Agriculture100+
  • Spirituality50+
  • Pets50+
  • Kids/Family50+
  • Food20+
  • Garden20+
  • Craft20+
  • Home Living10+
  • Marketing10+
  • Women10+
  • Travel10+
  • Hobby10+
  • Manufacturing10+
  • Consumer Goods10+
  • Staffing7
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  • Relationships6

Summary of Industry Experience


Cindy founded and ran an agency that provided nonmedical in-home care to adults for more than 12 years. As the owner, she wore many hats allowing her to learn much about the effects of aging from many different perspectives … from helping responsible adults determine the care needed for their loved ones while at the same time providing the needed assistance herself, or through one of her employees.

Over those 12 years, she came face-to-face with many, if not most, of the issues that individuals must face as the years creep up and overtake them. This required her to educate herself about many different issues so that she could provide the best advice and care possible.

She created company newsletters for her employees and clients to help disseminate some of the information to as many as possible. She hosted a weekly radio show where she shared information about caregiving issues.

More recently, she has published caregiving articles on a few content and revenue-sharing websites and her own personal websites. The exposure that she received through these venues has led her to begin work on writing a book about caregiving, targeted more specifically to Alzheimer’s care.

Because many of her clients were dealing with dementia, and in an effort to provide the best care possible, she went to Boston and studied under Dr. Lynn Lazarus Serper. Under Dr. Serper’s tutelage, she became a certified cognitive educator utilizing the Serper Method. This allowed her to work first-hand with individuals dealing with cognitive difficulties. Clients that she worked with cognitively struggled with various forms of dementia and brain cancer that resulted in the removal of part of the brain.


Cindy grew up on a small Texas farm. She worked at a dairy while in high school and her summers were spent working in the fields of several local farmers. She has a vast amount of experience in gardening, horticulture and animal husbandry. She has written hundreds of articles covering various aspects within these topics. She has a special interest in growing and using herbs for culinary as well as medicinal purposes.

Cindy has taken formal homesteading classes that provided instruction as well as practical application designed for a family or individual wanting to venture into homesteading. The instruction encompassed hands-on workshops as well as seminars and lectures. The topics covered included organic gardening, growing and using herbs, beekeeping, planning and maintaining orchards and vineyards, caring for poultry and dairy animals, water supply, building fencing, barns and sheds. She and her husband are gradually implementing much of what she has learned to become as self-sufficient as possible.

Cindy also completed training as a master naturalist. Her training and subsequent activities as a master naturalist touched on many of these same issues.


Cindy M. created a full year's worth of curriculum for elementary aged children for a Christian church.

She also wrote for the examiner as their Dallas Christian Living Examiner.


Animals, domestic and wild, are one of Cindy’s passions. For Cindy, a pet is an integral part of the true definition of home. Her own pet family has included dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, cockatiels, love birds, parakeets, and tropical fish (marine, cichlid and freshwater). Although this list appears to be quite inclusive, she did draw the line when it came to reptiles. As a child, she even had a pet coyote!

Having been raised on a farm, and exploring the option of homesteading, Cindy is able to share her expertise concerning the care of animals found in an agricultural environment as well.

As a master naturalist, Cindy has a broad base of experience with the needs of Texas wildlife, and wildlife in general.

She has written numerous articles about pets. Article topics include general pet care, pet wellness, specific pet health and care issues, and breed specific articles.


Cindy and her husband adopted three emotionally disturbed children. This experience required her to become more actively involved in the parenting process. Because of her children's disabilities, she home-schooled them to do all she could to insure their success in life.

Having experienced the difficulties of raising children with deep-seated emotional issues, she became very knowledgeable in many different aspects of childhood development. This was accomplished through formal parenting classes, formal and informal counselling sessions, and lots of in-depth research.

Cindy and her husband also owned an agency that provided non-medical in-home care for adults for 12 years. During this time she witnessed first hand families struggling to make the best choices possible for their families as they coped with the difficulties caused by illness and aging.


Cindy M. enjoys cooking and it shows. She loves to experiment with foods and different cuisines and then finds great satisfaction in sharing her creations with others.

Her creations have in fact garnered her many blue ribbons through the years.


Cindy M. grew up on a farm where at least 90% of the food her family consumed was raised and processed by the family.

Cindy loves to garden and enjoys growing vegetables and herbs for her family to enjoy. She has also taken great pride in her ability to create a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor living space through the use of landscaping plants and flowers.


Cindy M. has created hundreds of craft projects. She has created them as gifts and for use as decorating projects around her home. She has created projects for the elderly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities and for children in church and school. She has documented the creation of many of these projects on various writing platforms and as handouts to be dispensed by others.

Home Living

Cindy M. takes great pride in being able to design and create a beautiful and comfortable home. She and here husband have worked together to turn their home into their sanctuary.


Cindy M. was responsible for the creation of all marketing materials for 'On the Wings of Angels' during its 10+ years of existence.

She continues to create marketing materials and to build websites for other businesses as a business consultant.


Cindy M. has written several articles about the health issues that women face, especially as they age.

She has also been diagnosed and is currently going through treatment for breast cancer. She is blogging her experience as she journeys through the process of treating her breast cancer as naturally as possible.


Cindy M. likes to study and dream about interesting places she would like to someday visit. When she finds a place that is interesting to her, she creates an article to share the experience with others.


Cindy M. has pursued many interests over the years, including coin collecting, stamp collecting, quilting and homesteading. Additionally, she completed the strenuous training to become a certified Master Naturalist. She enjoys creating beautiful items and is able to create how-to articles with clear concise instructions, making it possible for anyone to recreate the process.


Cindy M. spent 16 years in mechanical engineering departments working on DOD projects and mechanical mechanisms within a medical diagnostic instrument. She was responsible for the complete design including creation of working documents, interface with outside vendors in the manufacturing process, and working closely with manufacturing and testing. She also created training manuals for computer-aided drafting systems for both corporations and for training institutions.

Consumer Goods

Cindy M. has written several articles reviewing consumer products. Her reviews cover all aspects of the product including the pros and cons.


As the owner and founder of the company, Cindy M. created the policies and procedures that remained with the company throughout its 10-year existence.

She also wrote their employee training manuals for their caregivers and their cognitive educators.


Cindy M. who uses Photoshop to create graphics for websites and marketing materials is currently co-authoring a book about the use of Photoshop for the beginner. This book will be beneficial for the user even if they do not have a photographic background.


Cindy M., who was raised by her grandparents, grew up in an alcoholic home but has been able to build a stable and loving relationship with her spouse of 33 years.

She and her husband were able to provide a loving home to their three adoptive children despite the children's previous abusive upbringing.

Her experiences in life have equipped her to look at relationships and find what does and does not work.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Web Page20+
  • Book2

Summary of Product Experience


Cindy M. has written hundreds of articles on self-publishing platforms covering many different subjects. She has also acted as a ghost writer on various occasions.

She has published hundreds of blogs and articles under her own name, under other companies' names and as a ghost blogger.

Blog Post

Cindy M. has created blog posts in many different industries including: cooking, personal chef, gardening and herbs, inspiration, caregiving, and business.

Web Page

Cindy owns her own consulting business building websites and writing content utilizing various platforms available on the internet. She understands the importance of SEO and branding to create a web presence that will get you noticed.


Cindy M. is in the process of writing a book for caregivers who are caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease. After seeing her writings on HubPages, she suggested that her approach to the subject was both thorough and compassionate.

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