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After excelling through high school and college, the author went on to a successful career as a news writer and producer in a television news room for many years.

Life changes, and soon enough she became a mom to a special needs child. Raising an autistic child changes the way you see the world and yourself. She now works from home and educates her child from home.

She has freelance experience writing and transcribing, and considers herself an expert on all things autism and homeschool. However, she also has a vast knowledge on other topics including music, television, movies, and pets.


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The author went from a married mom to a shocked, single mom. She learned how to pick up the pieces and move forward parenting her child with little help from his father. She became very educated on laws, rights, visitation, and divorce rather quickly.


Having a special needs child whom she homeschools, the writer is well aware of the different options and styles available to both public and homeschool families. She also understands how the special education system works in order to get services for children in need.


The author keeps up with current entertainment shows and news, even when it gets saturated with Kim and Kanye!

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The author currently lends her product description skills to a private client. The product descriptions are in high demand, and the author works on new descriptions on a variety of products every week.

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