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Christina possesses a degree in journalism and mass communications with an emphasis in magazine writing. She has 14 years of experience as a professional writer and corporate communications professional. Her background consists of experience in the magazine and newspaper industries, technical writing, general interest articles and non-profit communications.

Her experience further includes writing and editing for numerous publications and developing professionally written articles, how-to content, press releases, newsletters, marketing material, web content and more.


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Christina H's Food Industry Experience

9 Projects Completed

Writer has devleoped articles for a variety of publishers covering a wide range of topics from the food industry. Her portfolio includes articles on cooking regional cuisine as well as mastering major holiday meal preparation.

Industry Projects

  • Garden1,000+
  • Marketing100+
  • Insurance100+
  • Real Estate100+
  • Health100+
  • Banking100+
  • Tax100+
  • Business50+
  • Medical50+
  • Spirituality50+
  • Career20+
  • Craft20+
  • Green Products20+
  • Non Profit20+
  • Green Living20+
  • Legal20+
  • Women20+
  • Education10+
  • Auto10+
  • Appliance10+
  • Food9
  • Kids/Family6
  • Pets5
  • Self Help5
  • Electronics4

Summary of Industry Experience


Christina has extensive experience writing general information and growing guides for a wide variety of plants, fruits and vegetables. She is also adept at writing review guides of gardening tools and implements as well as techniques for novice and experienced gardeners.


Christina has extensive experience managing corporate marketing and communications activities, which she gained working for over 10 years in corporate America. She has managed successful marketing projects for both small and large businesses including defining brand standards, directing external communications and implementing marketing strategies. She is adept at creating a variety of publications and marketing materials, including press releases, newsletters, flyers, brochures and web content.


Writer has written for a variety of publishers covering a wide range of topics from the insurance industry. Portfolio examples include articles on life insurance, health insurance, publicly-funded health insurance options, as well as property and renters insurance.

Real Estate

The author has extensive experience researching and writing articles on current real estate trends. She has performed work for several nationwide real estate companies as well as a number of independent agents. Some topics she has covered include:
- Questions that Potential Buyers Should Ask at An Open House
- Housing Market Trends that are on the Rise
- Four Dirty Jobs that Home Sellers Must Do
- The Next Generation of Real Estate- The Rules Have Changed


Past work includes content for a variety of publishers covering a wide range of topics from the health industry. Her portfolio includes articles on screening and detection of serious illnesses such as breast and colon cancer as well as less serious conditions such as stress disorders.


Christina has written hundreds of articles on banking related topics ranging from loan options, debt reduction, credit cards, payday loans, investment advice for beginners and more. She excels at introducing novice readers to basic level banking and finance topics including opening bank accounts and switching to online banks. She also has experience writing more complex topics such as the banking fee regulations and their impact on consumers.


Christina has written over 50 knowledge base and informational articles specific to the tax filing industry. In addition, she was previously employed by a tax preparation company and has written numerous newsletter articles on tax-related aimed at both filers and tax preparers. She has also authored CPA educational articles for all 50 states and several U.S. territories.


The author has written a number of business-related articles, using her background of 10 years in the fields of software, communications and non-profit industries. Small businesses topics that are of special interest to this author include B2B sales, human resources articles, online marketing techniques as well as streamlining business practices and legal concerns.


Christina has produced articles for a variety of publishers within the medical industry, covering a wide range of topics. Her portfolio includes articles on screening and detection of serious illnesses, such as breast and colon cancer, as well as less serious conditions such as stress disorders.


The writer has authored a number of pieces on the topic of spirituality and religion from the Christian perspective. Some of the specific topics she has covered include freedom of religion in America, persecution, inspirational messages and Bible-based articles and commentary.


The writer has vast experience writing career oriented articles for recruiting agencies and business blogs. Her range of topics include utilizing non-traditional methods to get an employer's attention and leveraging networking to your advantage among many others. She has also written on this topic from the side of the hiring company in articles such as "Saving the HR and Recruiter Relationship".


This author's past work consists of a vast portfolio of articles documenting the creation of various crafts including sewing, children's crafts, religious crafts and household decorating crafts for DIYers.

Green Products

The writer has a solid knowledge of green cleaning methods, green living and eco-friendly services. She has the unique ability to translate that knowledge into informational articles that inspire consumers to action. She has written on topics such as the hazards of air fresheners, why many household cleaners hide their ingredients and natural cleaning methods that are safer for pets and children

Non Profit

Writer has written articles that are published both in print and online regarding issues facing non-profit organizations. Some of the topics include managing volunteers effectively and coordinating and planning fundraisers.

Green Living

Writer has written for a variety of publishers covering a wide range of topics from the green living industry. Her portfolio includes articles on making small and large lifestyle changes that make consumer feel good, improve health and promote conservation.


Writer has written a variety of topics in the legal area, including researching laws and explaining to readers how they apply.


Writer's work includes articles on topics relevant specifically to women. Topics covered include health issues, style choices and balancing work and personal life.


Writer has written for a variety of publishers covering a wide range of topics from the education industry. Her portfolio includes articles on assisting school-age children with common challenges and transitions as well as funding college savings plans.


Writer's work involves locating and evaluating reputable service-based businesses for consumers. Topics include articles on locating reputable repair professionals and the benefits of automobile membership organizations.


Writer's appliance experience includes helping consumers research and purchase major household appliances as well as many home repair articles regarding appliance troubleshooting.


Writer has devleoped articles for a variety of publishers covering a wide range of topics from the food industry. Her portfolio includes articles on cooking regional cuisine as well as mastering major holiday meal preparation.


Writer's articles are aimed at parents and how they can cope and adjust to childhood problems or health issues.Other content includes consumer help articles, such as saving money on school supplies.


As a long-time pet owner, the writer has experience writing articles on subjects such as "Summer Safety Tips for Dogs" and explaining the differences between pure breed and mixed breed dogs. The writer has also written articles on non-traditional pets such a hermit crabs and setting up and maintaining the proper habitat for them.

Self Help

Writer conceptualizes and develops content on a variety of self-help issues ranging from time management to dealing with minor everyday issues like stress relief.


Writer has written for a variety of publishers covering a wide range of topics from the electronics and technology industry. Her portfolio includes articles on ground breaking technology and new releases that make consumer's lives easier.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Web Page100+
  • Press Release100+
  • Newsletter Content50+
  • Email Copy50+

Summary of Product Experience


Author has written both short and feature-length articles on variety of topics including gardening, home improvement, finance and money, beauty and wide variety of other topics based on client need.

Blog Post

Author has vast experience writing blog posts for promotional, informational and marketing purposes. She excels at writing posts that are informative, yet still have high social networking value. Posts have included a wide range of topics for companies in the financial, non-profit, business, medical, insurance, blogging and service industries. Length of posts varies based on need, but ranges from short promotional blurbs to 400 word article posts.

Web Page

Writing content for web pages is where this author excels. She has the unique ability to identify the proper tone for each site and translate that into web content that reads easily and gets results. In addition to creating web content form scratch, she can also revamp existing pages in a way that matches the overall site tone but creates more impact. She is also skilled at incorporating SEO techniques and keywords into web page content to improve search engine rankings.

Press Release

The Author has experience writing press release for a variety of software products, company services and new company announcements. She writes creative yet concise press releases that get attention. She is able to convey all necessary information in a manner that reads easily and customizes each press release to client needs.

Newsletter Content

Christina crafts engaging and informative newsletters for both small businesses and larger corporate clients. She also highly skilled at crafting city-wide newsletters for local Chambers of Commerce. Content can include short organizational updates, president's messages, fun holiday or community articles or full-length articles on important community concepts or legislation. Whatever your need is, she can help you stay in contact with your clients.

Email Copy

The writer has extensive experience creating emails copy for a variety of clients including small businesses and local Chambers of Commerce. Email copy includes a wide range of content including internal organizational emails and external mailings sent to 1200 member organizations. Content can includes short organizational updates, community event information, and product sales and marketing pieces. She also has experience crafting organizational announcements sent to employees from company leadership.

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