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Throughout her adult work history writing, proofing and editing has always been a part of the job description for the majority of the positions Lisa has held, although none of them have ever been in the tradition "publishing" field. Lisa is detail oriented and enjoys all aspects of the editing and proofreading side in addition to writing, whether it is a newsletter, informational copy, articles ,or an ad for print or radio. She excels in an environment where she's given the assignment, the information, and a deadline--a text-book self-starter.


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Lisa J's Food Industry Experience

72 Projects Completed

Food writing projects Lisa has worked on have included original recipes and cooking tips as well as list-type articles that detail healthy types of foods and uses for specialty foods and ingredients.

Industry Projects

  • Marketing50+
  • Fitness50+
  • Food50+
  • Pets50+
  • Nutrition20+
  • Craft20+
  • Utilities20+

Summary of Industry Experience


With a background in radio and television ad writing, marketing is a niche Lisa is comfortable writing in. Whether the copy needs to appear as an informative article or have an obvious sales slant, Lisa can provide what you're looking for with expert style.


Lisa's husband owns a gym and is a personal trainer. He has also developed a piece of personal fitness equipment. Lisa edited and published the workout manual for the equipment as well as wrote and published a newsletter for his health club. She wrote copy for the product brochure and continues to write and voice radio ads for both businesses and wrote copy for a product brochure.


Food writing projects Lisa has worked on have included original recipes and cooking tips as well as list-type articles that detail healthy types of foods and uses for specialty foods and ingredients.


Articles Lisa has written on pets have ranged from how to make homemade treats to food advice to how to care for African Grey Parrots. With the experience she has with special needs pets, Lisa has the background to branch out more to write veterinary and pet health pieces.


With her love of cooking and background in fitness, a nutrition education has been necessary for Lisa, although it has been a self-taught one. Articles she has written include Healthy Types of Breads, No Carb Foods, and list-type articles like The Best Oils to Cook With.


Lisa has written a number of how-to craft articles on a wide range of topics from knitting to sewing to children's crafts.


Lisa was tapped over the summer of 2011 to write some articles on utility services for White Fence. Titles included Comparison of Verizon Phones, How to Add High Speed Internet to Your Cable Service and U-Verse Internet.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Newsletter Content10+
  • Press Release10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Lisa has written guest posts for several clients' blogs. Whether they are informative or humorous--or a combination of both--blogs are projects she really enjoys working on. So much so, in fact, that she recently started a fitness blog just for the "fun" of it. This sample was a recent assignment for a client.

Newsletter Content

The bulk of Lisa's experience with newsletter copy comes from writing for a client who owns a health club. The newsletters go out every two months to the members and focus on keeping them abreast of happenings at the club, i.e.: new classes and services being offered, welcoming new staff and updates on construction and renovations, when applicable. Typically a short informative article is also included offering workout, weight loss and diet advice or educational articles on nutrition, benefits of supplements and similar topics.

Press Release

Most of the press releases Lisa has done are for her personal business and her husband's businesses. The sample given list here is for a non-profit organization, one for which Lisa sits on the board.

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