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CeLeste C currently works as a lead freelance marketing ghostwriter. She has been working as a freelancer for one company online, from home for almost 4 years as of the spring of 2012. She also currently host several of her own websites and blogs.

CeLeste C has a natural writing ability and always excelled in school in grammar, writing and in all language arts. She is proof that plenty of life experience and a talent for research and writing is equal to any college degree though she intends to change that.

CeLeste C has taken one semester of college and always made use of the written word from writing letters and short stories for her family to freelancing for businesses, blog owners and miscellaneous friends and acquaintances.

Much of what CeLeste C learned about research and writing came from paralegal studies where she graduated with a certificate in legal assisting. CeLeste C graduated with a 4.0 GPA and excelled in persuasive argument writing as well as other legal writing. This course helped hone her already existing talent for writing and her research skills.

CeLeste C writes informative, unique article content as per the client's needs. She also has experience in proofreading and editing upon occasion on an as-needed basis with the company for which she currently writes.

CeLeste C does not consider herself an expert at SEO, but she does know how to use content, write relevant content and can expertly research keywords as needed for various articles.


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Industry Projects

  • Health500+
  • Green Living100+
  • Spirituality100+

Summary of Industry Experience


CeLeste loves writing about health-related issues. Her research and knowledge has allowed her to write health projects from drug-related side effects to diet and exercise. She has written hundreds of these kinds of articles for many different clients in the past 4 years and has many different reliable and credible research resources used for this writing genre.

Green Living

CeLeste C writes hundreds of articles about green jobs, solar panels, wind turbines, green weddings and many other aspects of "going green" and has for more than 3 years. It is an arena for which she carries a great passion.


CeLeste C was born and raised as a preacher's daughter with a non-denominational church. She was raised to believe that spirituality is more important that the concept of "religion". She seldom writes in this genre, yet she has a vast knowledge and experience for this kind of writing.

Her passion for spirituality and the concept of the body, mind and spirit connection in part comes from her partial mixed American Indian heritage which has been passed down from her parents and grandparents.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Article1,000+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

CeLeste C has written countless blog posts in her current lead writer position, though not for this platform as of yet. She writes on-topic, relevant blog posts from 100 to 500 words (and more) and has for more than four years for clients and for her own personal blogs and websites/


CeLeste C has been writing for many years and has freelanced for around 4 years. She has been writing consistently and can cover a variety of article projects on a variety of subjects. Her ability to research is one of her best assets and rivals her writing skills for which she has such passion.

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