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As a professional writer, Sandi has completed assignments ranging from feature articles to product descriptions. She has provided optimized web content, press releases, cover letters, resumes, tutorials, software manuals, ad copy, and blog posts for various clients. Her experience creating websites from scratch and assisting clients with internet marketing gives Sandi insight into SEO and other aspects that influence search engine ranking and conversion.

Sandi earned a B.A. in psychology and an M.S. in guidance and counseling, and she worked as an employee assistance (EAP) counselor. As a result, she is well equipped to write articles dealing with relationships, personal development, motivation, and self-help issues. She also worked as a university career counselor, which involved helping hundreds of students write professional resumes and presenting dozens of workshops on interviewing, networking, and career selection. She studied human anatomy and worked as an administrator at a university medical school. Her involvement in the medical community honed her ability to write articles about healthcare issues in a way that is accessible to the general public.

Sandi's long-time hobbies include organic gardening, growing and using herbs, and DIY home renovation and decorating. She especially enjoys writing about container and raised-bed gardening and creating a comfortable home on a budget.


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Industry Projects

  • Garden100+
  • Staffing50+
  • Career50+
  • Software50+
  • Self Help50+
  • Health20+
  • Pets10+
  • Search Marketing10+
  • Green Living10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Sandi has written gardening-related articles for several online publications. Topics have included container gardens, pruning for specific plants, butterfly gardening, seed saving, plant spacing recommendations, composting, herb garden designs, mulching, growing plants indoors, garden pest prevention, fertilizing, and organic growing. She has also focused on the cultivars for specific plants and has created many "how-to-grow" articles.


Sandi worked as Director of Communications for StaffingU for several years, writing articles and marketing copy and creating the weekly ezine "Staffing Industry Tips." Each issue of the ezine included information about upcoming teleclasses and programs, and Sandi created a tie-in to current events or seasonal topics. Some of Sandi's ezine articles were republished in Net-Temps.


Sandi held the position of Assistant Director of Career Planning & Placement at a Midwest university. In that position, she created and presented numerous workshops on career topics, assisted hundreds of students with their resumes, and provided career counseling. She also coordinated three career fairs each year and administered the computerized campus recruiting program.


Sandi wrote software manuals for products developed by a company for their corporate clients. She also created numerous software tutorials for a firm, using their proprietary demo-creation software. She has a knack for quickly learning software programs and explaining the intricacies of their use in a way that the average person can easily understand.

Self Help

Sandi earned an MS in guidance and counseling and has written many articles on self-help and personal improvement. She worked as a counselor for an employee assistance program, providing assistance to individuals, families, and groups. She has also created and conducted several workshops and presentations addressing those issues. Article and presentation topics have included work/life balance, time management, memory development, stress management, creating happiness, living in the moment, cultivating serenity, the impact of optimism, generosity, making choices, and information overload.


As managing editor for a print publication called "Strictly Health," Sandi wrote monthly health-related feature articles. She has also written health and wellness articles and alternative health topics for websites. Topics have included healthcare options, herbal preparations and health, the effects of nutrients on health, sensible fitness, and alternative health options.


Sandi has lived with and cared for pets since she was three years old. As an adult, she has shared her life with a variety of dogs, cats, hamsters, mice, lizards, rabbits, guinea pigs, and turtles, as well as one very old horse. She has done extensive reading on the topics of pet selection, feeding, and care, and she uses that research in her articles. Sandi is currently the vice chair of her community's Animal Control Board, and she has researched and drafted ordinances that promote responsible dog ownership. Her pet-related articles have included topics such as breed specific legislation, safe interaction of children and dogs, caring for bearded dragons, preventing dog bites, bonding with the family dog, and pest prevention in pets.

Search Marketing

Sandi has co-owned a web design and internet marketing business for more than 10 years. She has assisted web clients with their search marketing campaigns, helped them achieve high search engine rankings, and created optimized content for many websites. Article topics have included Google Panda effects, easy approaches to SEO, and sensible internet marketing.

Green Living

Sandi has a strong interest in green living topic. She is a long-time organic gardener with a focus on sustainable practices, and she has researched and written articles on topics such as washing dishes by hand, the environmental impact of garbage, bleach alternatives, the use of pyrethrum for pest control, and alternative heating options.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Web Page100+
  • Blog Post10+
  • Press Release10+

Summary of Product Experience


Sandi has written numerous article for print an Web use. The topics range from organic garden to healthcare issues green living to internet marketing. She is a capable and thorough researcher who can present complex information in an understandable manner. She can also take a variety of approaches to the material, whether the need is for a casual tone, an authoritative presentation, or informative overview.

Web Page

As the co-owner of a web design business, Sandi has been responsible for creating numerous web pages for clients. She has also created optimized web content, including articles, home page content, about us pages, product descriptions, privacy pages, testimonial pages, and resource page for other clients. Sandi has created web pages for businesses, authors, artists, nonprofits, politicians, interior design firms, wineries, skin care product manufacturers, musicians, counselors, bed and breakfast inns, Christmas tree farms, training companies, healthcare staffing companies, mortuaries, executive coaches, yoga instructors, and photographers.

Blog Post

Sandi has created posts for her own blogs and has ghostwritten blogs for clients. She has also written a few guest posts. Topics have included Spokeo and privacy, gift giving, buying locally, the relationship between editor and author, bees, credit cards, and email forwards. Sandi writes in various styles, from informative to conversational, with the occasionally quirky post when she's in that sort of mood.

Press Release

Sandi has written press releases for private clients and online content providers. Some clients have provided extensive information and explicit instructions, while others have offered only a few points to cover. Sandi is comfortable create informative press releases, whether the material is provided or research is needed.

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