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Alicia B's Travel Industry Experience

100 Projects Completed

In addition to traveling as frequently as possible, Alicia has also authored hotel descriptions, travel guides, and city descriptions for several years.

Industry Projects

  • Education1,000+
  • Food1,000+
  • Garden500+
  • Science500+
  • Craft500+
  • Health500+
  • Kids/Family500+
  • Pets500+
  • Real Estate500+
  • Spirituality100+
  • Travel100+
  • Nutrition100+
  • Consumer Goods100+
  • Green Living50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Alicia has written countless articles in the K-12 and homeschooling fields. She has also published science fair project articles, as well as articles for children with special needs. She is the mother of a high school homeschooler and a child with Angelman Syndrome.


Alicia has worked as a cooking guru, as well as an editor for a healthy foods website. She enjoys creating meals for her family from scratch, and coming up with new recipes for her children to test.


Alicia has authored countless articles in the field of gardening. If you'd like to know how to grow tomatoes in a garden, or which climate zones are best for Japanese azaleas, she's your girl.


Alicia has had the opportunity to author science fair project articles for multiple websites. She enjoys trying new experiments at home with her children.


Alicia has served as a craft guide for a well-known website. She has completed everything from holiday crafts to science projects that are perfect for elementary and high school students. Taking photographs and posting the crafts using a content management system was part of the job.


Alicia believes the first step to good health is becoming educated. She shares her research and life experiences as the mother of a special needs child in a variety of articles and blog posts.


In addition to having two children of her own, Alicia has authored countless articles in the industry of children and family. She writes on everything from crafts to tips for a memorable family vacation.


Cat owner Alicia not only enjoys being the parent of a pet, but also writing about the best ways to care for a pet. She has authored countless articles that include everything from creating your own dog toys to successfully removing fleas from your home.

Real Estate

In addition to owning a rental property, Alicia has authored countless articles in the field of real estate. She has written on everything from creating a rental contract to returning a tenant's security deposit.


As a born again Christian, Alicia has completed many articles and blog posts on topics within the Bible. This includes educational articles for teachers who lead Sunday school classes.


In addition to traveling as frequently as possible, Alicia has also authored hotel descriptions, travel guides, and city descriptions for several years.


Alicia enjoys researching and writing on the best ways to stay healthy. She believes proper nutrition will boost the body's immune system so that illnesses occur less often.

Consumer Goods

Alicia has reviewed products for a host of companies. This included listing both the pros and cons of the product, as well as taking photographs. The reviews were then posted so others could make an informed decision before committing to a purchase.

Green Living

Alicia feels it is important to do her part to protect the environment. In addition to following eco-friendly practices at home, she also writes about them in order to create awareness.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post0

Summary of Product Experience


Alicia has authored thousands of articles for a myriad of companies over the past nine years. She takes pride in her work and always conducts business in a professional manner.

Blog Post

In addition to authoring her own blog, Alicia has had the honor of writing blog posts for several well-known companies. She has written for blogs in the following fields: travel, homeschooling, Christmas, pets, food, and crafts.

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