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Cynthia owns a writing and editing company, and has been in business for more than 10 years. She writes articles on a variety of subjects for websites and blogs, for private clients. She also writes technical manuals, and is familiar with SEO writing.


Cynthia primarily enjoys writing about spirituality, finance, relationships, fitness, writing/publishing, and the Internet. However, her greatest skill is that she can research and write about any subject.


Cynthia enjoys writing, reading, listening to music, watching old TV shows, Web design, and blogging


Hillsborough Community College

Cynthia received a general Associates Degree.

University of South Florida

Cynthia received a dual degree in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing.

Saint Petersburg Theological Seminary

Cynthia has received her Master's degree in Biblical Studies.


40 Projects Completed

Cynthia has a Master's in Biblical Studies and writes about various aspects of spirituality and religion, with an emphasis on Christianity. Article titles she has written include How to Deal With Discouragement From a Biblical Perspective, Details on the Catholic Annulment Process, The Genesis Theory of Creation, How to Teach Your Children About the Bible, and What is the Muslim Faith.


30 Projects Completed

Cynthia has a dual Bachelor's Degree in English/Creative Writing and enjoys writing about all aspects of publishing and writing. She writes articles about various works of literature, creative writing, non-fiction writing, and poetry writing. She also writes about self-publishing, copyrighting, publishing platforms, ebooks, and freelance writing.


27 Projects Completed

Cynthia writes articles on various personal finance subjects, including credit cards, loans, paying off debt, payday loans, buying a home, budgeting, saving money, and retirement. She also wrote and taught a personal finance curriculum called Money Talks, but All Mine Says is Goodbye.


16 Projects Completed

Cynthia writes about various aspects of relationships, such as dating, marriage, and friendships. Article titles she has written include How to Deal With Unfaithfulness, Things to Ask Before You Get Engaged, How to Get out of an Emotionally & Physically Abusive Relationship, Tips on Dealing With Annoying People, and How to Make Conversation With a Group of Strangers.


15 Projects Completed

Cynthia writes about various aspects of health and fitness. Article titles she has written include How to Increase Steps Per Day, How to Make Time for Working Out, How to Improve Your Posture and Flexibility, How to Get Your Metabolism Back on Track, and What Are Good Portions for Meals.


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