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Kate is a real estate expert with over 10 years of experience writing in the real estate industry. During the day, she works as a real estate assistant, specializing in high end and luxury homes. With over 25 years of experience in writing, Kate has honed her skills in a wide variety of writing mediums. Her work has appeared in such publications as Top Agent Magazine, Parents Magazine, Business.com, Forbes.com, Entrepreneur.com, Mashable.com, Realtor.com, SheKnows.com, and many more.

Kate has experience writing:

* White papers
* Blogs
* Online and print magazines
* B2B articles
* Articles
* Product Descriptions
* Press Releases

She specializes in the following areas:

* Publishing
* Relationship and Personal
* Education
* Home Decor
* Parenting


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Kate has been freelance writing for over twenty five years.

Industry Projects

  • Real Estate500+
  • Finance100+
  • Career100+
  • Nutrition20+

Summary of Industry Experience

Real Estate

Click on "Show Sample" below to see one of the hundreds of articles Kate has written for the real estate industry. Kate has written for clients in the real estate industry including some of the biggest real estate firms in the country. She writes house descriptions, blog content and articles for real estate companies.


Click on "Show Sample" to see one of the hundreds of articles Kate has written for the finance industry. Kate has written finance related articles for accountant firms, bookkeeping companies, and corporations trying to motivate their staff to learn better budgeting skills.


Kate has written several articles on the subject of interview advice, career advancement techniques and successful methods of salary negotiation. Utilizing over 20 years of career experience, Kate is able to offer insight from both the employer and the employee perspectives. Topics in this industry have included salary negotiation, project management skills and logistical strategies.


Kate has reviewed various diets as well as nutritional supplements and holistic healing techniques. Embracing a natural lifestyle, she has studied the teachings of key nutritionists, holistic practitioners and life management coaches and is eager to share her discoveries. She uses only verified, professional sources to gather facts information for nutrition articles.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post1,000+

Summary of Product Experience


Kate has been freelance writing for over twenty five years.

Blog Post

Kate is the designated writer for two Writer Access clients who send out seasonal email newsletters to their customers. One is a bookkeeping company and the other is a real estate company. Both companies have reported that their expectations have been exceeded by Kate's work.

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