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Anelisa started writing from a young age and has a long-standing passion for words.

In 2011, she got an opportunity to blog for an online publication and started her journey as a features writer doing fashion and beauty related content.

But, it's only in 2016 that she started taking her craft as a copywriter seriously by helping small business owners, individuals, and non-profits with their copywriting.

That's when she knew that she was onto something and decided to go full-time.

Nowadays, she specializes in writing and editing online copy for small business owners and she couldn't be happier!

If you need help with website copy, blog posts, social media posts, email scripts, video scripts, e-books, product reviews, or product descriptions- Anelisa's your gal!
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Anelisa specializes in:
- Website copy
- Long-form blog posts
- Short-form blog posts
- Product reviews
- Social media posts
- Video scripts


Anelisa is really interested in helping small business owners and brands to get their voice out there. Knowing how easy it is to drown in the sea of endless content and copy available to consumers today, her goal is to help brands to come up with their own unique tone of voice.


Centre of Excellence

Organic Skincare Diploma covering:
- History of skincare
- Anatomy of the skin
- Formulation
- Ingredients
- Business and marketing


100 Projects Completed

Having been an entrepreneur and small business owner herself for many years, Anelisa writes from a position of authority whenever she's tasked with a business-related topic.


55 Projects Completed

Anelisa's first job as a writer was as a fashion blog/features writer for an online publication.

She would write reviews for fashion week and brand launches, and she always welcomes any opportunity to reprise that role and tap into her passion for fashion.

Green Living

53 Projects Completed

From tiny house living to recycling, van life, permaculture gardening, and alternative energy, Anelisa enjoys writing about green living topics.


50 Projects Completed

Anelisa has written a lot of hospitality-related content over the years, most of it being reviews for resorts and hotels.


50 Projects Completed

Anelisa is passionate about holistic healthcare and biohacking. She also enjoys researching medical topics because she's a huge advocate of taking radical responsibility for one's health. She genuinely enjoys writing about health and medicine.

Real Estate

50 Projects Completed

Anelisa enjoys writing about real estate, mainly because she finds it to be a fascinating subject. She's always excited to research the latest developments in the industry and she's even subscribed to a Real Estate Investor newsletter.


420 Projects Completed

Anelisa has written numerous articles over the years about different topics and niches.

She has a malleable tone of voice that allows her to appeal to different audiences and she always ensures that her articles are engaging, easy to read, and relevant.

Blog Post

368 Projects Completed

Anelisa has written a large number of blog posts over the years and she considers this type of content to be one of her specialties.

Facebook Post

10 Projects Completed

Anelisa has written a number of Facebook posts for a children's clothing and lifestyle brand as well as for a physiotherapy practice.

Email Copy

5 Projects Completed

Anelisa enjoys writing email copy for a number of reasons.
For one, it's a great way to build an email list and maintain exclusive communication with your audience.
Secondly, it's another way to build your brand as an authority in your field.


3 Projects Completed

Anelisa enjoys writing video scrips and she has done a few in different niches.


3 Projects Completed

Anelisa enjoys writing sci-fi novellas and young adult fiction books.


1 Projects Completed

Anelisa has experience in writing business-related e-books and would love the opportunity to do more.

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