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Andrew K
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Andrew recently finished up his graduate studies pursuing a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. During his time in school, he felt like he was writing paper after paper seemingly every night or, at the very least, every week. While most people around him hated doing so, he actually looked forward to the time when he could be sitting at his computer with a warm cup of coffee and just start writing. Not only did he enjoy writing papers, he realized that over time he actually became pretty good at it, too! He spent time helping his fellow graduate students write a few of their pieces, and even wrote a number of full papers for some of his closer friends, regardless of subject matter. He loved to learn about various topics and sit down and get enthralled about the subject of interest and just write away!

After graduating, he moved across the country and started his career as an engineer. While he undoubtedly loves his job and everything that he does on a daily basis, he missed the more general writing opportunities that he faced while attending school. He can honestly say that he didn't necessarily expect to miss the writing aspect of school even though he did enjoy it, but boy does he! He took for granted all those times he was able to just put headphones on, listen to music, and write a paper until he was satisfied with the final product he had created.

In order to get back to writing more again, he has recently been offering writing assistance to people that are close to him. Family, friends, co-workers... anyone that needs any assistance in writing something, he offers to help them produce a top-quality product every time. While his personal educational background and most of his experience is in engineering and technical/academic writing, he loves to write about anything. He has written papers and essays including college entrance essays, responses to general essay topics in countless disciplines, scopes of work in project management, advice columns, scientific experimental methodologies and results, engineering theses, and more.

He is very excited to be writing for WriterAccess and to be helping all those who need assistance producing a quality paper in a timely manner, every time!
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Technical writing, academic papers, scientific journal articles, financial advice, financial planning, essays, reports, and more.


Other than working as an engineer and writing, Andrew likes to spend time reading about financial markets, investing, working on cars, traveling to new places, and hanging out with his friends.


Miami University

Andrew attended Miami University and studied mechanical engineering to obtain his Bachelor of Science degree while beginning his graduate studies at the same institution.

Miami University

Andrew began his graduate work while finishing up his undergraduate degree. During graduate school, Andrew specialized in heat exchanger efficiency and obtained multiple publications on the subject.


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Andrew had the idea of starting his own finance blog for many months, but decided instead to offer his writing services to others via the WriterAccess platform. He loves reading blogs about finance and hopes to be able to share his financial knowledge with others through his writing capabilities.

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