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Lillian is an experienced writer adept in researching and developing clear, concise content that meets the specific requests of clients.


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I wrote an article about craft magazines to encourage people to utilize a particular web site to gain access to the wealth of magazines. The magazines were about crafts like, quilting, sewing, ceramics, painting, card making, beading, knitting and more. The purpose of the article was to encourage craft lovers and friends and family of craft lovers to buy magazines from this site.


Article was written about Waring Juicers. The article was meant to inform consumers interested in purchasing a juicer about the qualities and advantages of the Waring juicers. The features of the different types of juicers were discussed as well as consumer reviews on the products.


This article was written about the type of family car that a mother would want. Three types of cars were researched and compared considering the qualifications important to families. Safety was one feature that was examined, along with comfort, room and technological components.


Caring for leather boots in a wet winter climate has its challenges. This article discussed the care of leather boots in climates where snow, ice and rain could potentially damage leather boots. Suggestions for regular maintenance of boots as well as remedies for weather damaged boots were given.


This article provides tips for women who blow dry their hair every day. Tips for maintaining healthy hair were provided. There was some discussion on technique as well as recommendations for different types of hair dryers.

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Articles range in topic. Some of the topics include, beauty, automobile, fashion, education, family, health, hobbies, home and family, internet, shopping, sports, travel to name a few.

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