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Andrea is a Los Angeles native. She has spent her entire life in theatre, music, and literature. She has traveled to many parts of the world and is very proud of her cultural heritage - Austrian-Jewish on one side, and Greek on the other (and, yes, she makes the BEST baklava, since you were clearly wondering).

Raised by a father who taught English for many years, Andrea has a deep well of knowledge in grammar and writing. She is an avid reader of fiction, non-fiction, and plays. One of her New Years Resolutions a few years ago was to read a play a week, and her dedication has not wavered. Who's her favorite playwright, you may ask? Tennessee Williams is the clear winner. She also stays up-to-date on news and current events.

She and her cousin Lexi co-founded Words Between Coasts, a blog committed to activism through art and conversation. They are committed to helping artists of all kinds find their voices and tell their stories. WBC's aim is to touch souls, change lives, and broaden perspective and tolerance. They publish many different genres, from opinion pieces, to fiction, to humor.
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Blogging, short stories, arts (theatre, books, music, food, etc.)


SAG-AFTRA and other entertainment industry-related news, music, food, opinion pieces, humor.


Santa Monica College

Andrea's main career path is in acting, so she did what any level-headed actor does: went to college to study music. She wanted a degree, and since she has been playing the piano since she was five, she figured that music was a no-brainer. However, in her most recent semester, she booked a national tour of a musical and was forced to drop out since she would be traveling out of the state, and sometimes even out of the country, for at least six months. She did not go back to school because, a few months after she got back home, she booked a second national tour. After she once again arrived back home, she decided to not go back to college and to instead pursue her career in the entertainment industry full-time.


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Andrea wrote an article that was featured both on and about what it's like to be a college dropout. She describes how dropping out of college benefitted her instead of hindering her, as everyone in her life told her it would if she didn't have a college degree.

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Andrea was asked to write what happiness meant to her, so she felt passionate about explaining what it's like to accept the bad things in life in order to make room for the good.


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Andrea was asked to write a spooky article in honor of Halloween. She chose to write about the history of ghost lights, a common superstition in the theatre world.

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