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Prior to beginning her writing career, JJ worked in the financial industry. She was in personal finance for over ten years. In addition, she has experience at a private bank, mutual fund consulting, bond software, and project management.

As a personal financial planner, JJ incorporated behavioral finance findings based on neuroscience into her work. After leaving the field, she continued to learn more on the topic and stay current with her certifications.
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Personal finance, including budgeting, money management, investing, retirement planning, financial planning, estate planning, and divorce finance.

Science, including neuroscience.


The inner worlds of animals, hiking, art, pets, mental health


Rutgers University

JJ changed majors halfway through college and took an extra year to finish. She attended on a full tuition scholarship.

NYU Stern School of Business

JJ attended grad school part-time while working full-time.


8 Projects Completed

JJ has extensive experience working in the financial industry. She has a background in personal finance (including divorce), mutual fund consulting, bond software, private client money management, and project management.

Due to her wide variety of experience, JJ's writing is mostly related to this topic and most of her clients are in this space.


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JJ has ghostwritten business books as well as business book summaries. Her focus is on leadership and mindset.

She has also written blog posts on her own site, as well as on client sites.


0 Projects Completed

JJ has extensive knowledge on the subject from her research and has applied it in her work as a financial planner, and in writing about financial planning.

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20 Projects Completed

JJ writes mainly blog posts for her clients. Each client has a slightly different way of working, which can all be accommodated. Each client also has a different voice, which JJ will adapt for the company's posts.

She also maintains her own blog where she posts weekly.


5 Projects Completed

Most of the ebook content JJ writes is protected by client NDAs. She has written on a variety of topics including basic finance, the dark art of seduction, and life hacking.

In addition, she wrote two ebooks of her own. One is on investing and the other on divorce finance.

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JJ writes email content for marketing, as well as autoresponders and funnels. Her subject lines lead to solid open rates.

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