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Rene W. began her career as a freelance writer towards the end of 2005. Since beginning her freelance writing career, Rene has written close to 8000 articles and blog posts on a vast array of topics, including:
*Product descriptions
*Home and garden
*City guides

Prior to becoming a freelance writer, Rene worked for 25 years in various mental health positions, including addictions/homeless casemanger, SMD casemanger and MHT.


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  • Legal500+
  • Medical500+
  • Health500+
  • Craft100+
  • Kids/Family100+
  • Green Living50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Rene has written content on a number of legal topics, including personal injury, civil and criminal law. She has developed the complete content for several law related websites, including information about the DUI laws in each state. Rene has a minor in sociology with an emphasis on criminal justice. She interned with a local police department for over a year, during this time, her work/studies were divided among the homicide department, CSI and street patrol. She has work experience as well as writing experience relating to cause & effect, fingerprinting, courts, etc


Rene worked for 20+ years in the healthcare field, during this time she worked closely with the Doctors on staff as well as provided direct patient care. Rene has written about a vast array of medical diseases/conditions, treatments and therapies. She has extensive experience with providing care for a child with a brain injury/hydranencephaly. She has experience providing care individuals in several capacities, including the elderly, severe mentally disabled, addictions and terminally ill.


Rene has a BA in psychology and thrives on researching and writing about mental health, addiction and health related topics


Rene has written a variety of how to's, such as DIY home & garden projects, wedding crafts, kids/family crafts, crochet, arts/crafts, easy crafts, budget crafts, etc


Rene has written a hundreds of articles on topic for websites such as an ADHD website, finding family time, education, raising terminally children and more.

Green Living

Rene has researched and written on a vast array of green living and sustainability topics, such as:
Saving energy tips
Installing solar panels
Organic products

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+

Summary of Product Experience


Since beginning her freelance writing career in 2005, the bulk of Rene's career has been a ghost writer for articles and blog posts. Rene is knowledgeable in utilizing SEO practices and experienced in the production of high ranking web content.

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