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BA in Screenwriting

2015: Freelance writer
2015: Video Editor at Hauke
2018 - Current: Pitch Writing, communications, and virtual assistant work at Klazema Communications.
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Arthur knows how to use Celtx, Scenarist, Twine, and Davinci Resolve.

He understands Word and can utilize its basic tools.
He knows how to use Microsoft Powerpoint and set up a basic slideshow with effects and transitions.
He knows the Basics of Microsoft Excel, making tables, and formatting.

Arthur also knows how to write professional emails because he's been working at a communications company and it's been his job to handle a lot of the communication with potential and new contacts. This position has also given him the ability to understand cold pitching/ email writing.

Because of his Screen Writing major, he knows how to write slogans. I can write for ads and he knows how to communicate with a potential client regarding their vision for an ad or a corporate video.

He knows how to write screenplays and understands screenwriting format and structure because he wrote countless screenplays in college for his major. He learned most of these skills from Dr. Stavros Halvatzis P.H.D

He is also familiar with the Blake Snyder and Syd Field writing structure of screenwriting.

He writes stories and understands creative writing and writing format.


Arthur's interests include writing short stories, making short films, and watching series to understand character development through overarching narratives.

He loves learning about the various mechanics of storytelling and how to implement new ideas. He watches a lot of writer interviews and film reviews.

He enjoys reviewing films and places, he usually writes google reviews and commentary on improvements or compliments.

He loves listening to music and researching meaning or analyzing ideas behind the lyrics or narratives within music videos and songs.

He is entertained by video essays that explain concepts or analyze ideas, shows, and films.


Open WIndow Institute for Higher Education

Arthur studied Film Art at Open WIndow, but with that, he also did a myriad of electives ranging from designing a magazine booklet to voice acting.

He has also done motion design and aI have a background in animation.


180 Projects Completed

Arthur has done many cold pitches with the communications company he works at, he's also written articles for businesses and their services.


1 Projects Completed

Game reviews are essential to getting to know AAA and Indiegaming publishers, to make a choice when it comes to playing games.

Game reviews also combine, his love of writing with the love he has for gaming and all that goes along with it.

Arthur will write a game review that encapsulates what makes your game exceptional and what makes it overall fun.

He will also use scenario-based storytelling to make the review interesting, rather than a form of critique.

Email Copy

180 Projects Completed

Arthur has written countless emails, ranging from the normal query-based ones to pitches.

He's learned how to communicate effectively with clients and customers at the various companies he's worked with.

When he was editing videos he also provided a good sense of client communication from his end to ensure that our customer was satisfied and happy with our service.

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