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A passionate writer, Stephanie takes great satisfaction in creating informative and engaging content.
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Stephanie G's Press Release Product Experience

55 Projects Completed

When crafting press releases, Stephanie utilizes a concise writing style that encourages readers to take action.


Stephanie's writing experience covers a vast array of topics and industries. Specialties include legal, entertainment, lifestyle, marketing, and automotive writing.

A regular contributor for SheKnows Entertainment, Stephanie covers trending news, creates entertaining recaps, and interviews today's hottest reality stars.

In addition to covering entertainment news, Stephanie loves writing about nutrition and fitness. As a dancer, triathlete, and all-around fitness enthusiast, she is passionate about using her writing to help others achieve active lifestyles.

Like most Minnesotans, Stephanie is very, very proud of her hometown. Her local content is infused with this pride. As a result, she's achieve an impressive response on social media for her Minneapolis-based content, which has generated hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets.


Stephanie has been dancing for twenty years, four of which were spent on a nationally-ranked college dance team. She is currently a member of an all-star pom, jazz and hip hop team, which competes on a national and international level. She is also involved in a local céilí dancing group, which performs at the MN Irish Fair and the Festival of Nations.

Eager to infuse the next generation of dancers with a passion for performance, she is also the head coach for a fall season high school dance team, which performs at football games and pep fests.

Stephanie's combined love of dancing and kids recently led to exciting adventures in event marketing. She works with a Minneapolis group, appearing at school assemblies and a variety of community events (such as Twin Cities Pride) while representing several local businesses and organizations. She has integrated her experiences in event marketing into her work as a marketing writer.

In addition to the several hours she spends at dance practice each week, Stephanie loves spending time at the gym, where she attends Zumba and yoga classes on a regular basis.

Stephanie also enjoys scrapbooking, camping, hiking, skiing, and cuddling with her cat.


University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Studied English and Library Science. Wrote for the school newspaper.


1,791 Projects Completed

Stephanie has crafted home pages and blog posts for hundreds of legal websites. She specializes in writing SEO-rich attorney and law firm profiles. She has also drafted several ebooks on estate planning and family law. Topics covered include:

-Personal Injury
-Criminal Law
-Advance Directives
-Lemon Law
-Divorce Mediation
-Juvenile Law


1,764 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Stephanie enjoys keeping up to date on news from the entertainment industry. A regular contributor for SheKnows Entertainment, she writes weekly recaps for several top reality shows, including The Voice, Shark Tank, and Dance Moms. She also reports on trending topics and conducts regular interviews with today's hottest reality stars. She has interviewed Kris Allen, NeNe Leakes, Erin Bates, Nikki Bella, and Eva Marie -- and been pleasantly surprised by how nice so-called reality "villains" can be!


579 Projects Completed

Stephanie has written over 300 travel guides for a variety of influential clients, including two of today's top online flight and hotel booking services. Her travel-based articles cover everything from local cuisine to hotels and attractions. Destinations covered include Orlando, Minneapolis, London, Prague, Aspen, San Francisco, Madison, New York City, Boston, and many others.

A subset of this specialty: destination weddings and honeymoons. Stephanie enjoys sharing the many opportunities for sharing vows abroad with her readers.

She is also well-versed in local content and social media strategy, serving as one of the staff writers for Twin Cities Newscastic.


384 Projects Completed

A dancer, triathlete, Zumba participant, dedicated yogi, and overall fitness enthusiast, Stephanie knows what it takes to motivate people through the written word. She has published dozens of fitness articles targeted at dancers and cheerleaders, garnering impressive audiences on Yahoo! Sports and Twin Cities NewsCastic.


363 Projects Completed

Stephanie's work as a marketing writer has covered a variety of top avenues, including direct mail marketing and social media marketing.

Stephanie has firsthand experience with event marketing, a persistently valuable approach even in today's mobile world. She works for a Minneapolis-based event marketing company, which organizes a variety of marketing opportunities throughout the state of Minnesota.


290 Projects Completed

Stephanie possesses a deep interest in today's extraordinary technological developments. She enjoys researching and writing about a variety of topics, including mesh topology, the transition away from Windows Server 2003, open source Platform as a Service, and more.


179 Projects Completed

Although she loves working as a copywriter, Stephanie also enjoys unplugging and immersing herself in the natural world. She participates in a variety of outdoorsy activities, including hiking, biking, kayaking, camping and skiing. Additionally, she's worked as a lifeguard and water safety instructor.

Passionate about nature from a young age, Stephanie further developed her interest in outdoor recreation while attending college at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, where she was elected student representative for the school's outdoor adventure club.

Stephanie enjoys crafting regionally-based recreation content. She has published several recreation articles on Twin Cities NewsCastic, many of which have garnered an impressive response on Facebook and Twitter.


72 Projects Completed

Prior to realizing her passion for writing, Stephanie studied Music Therapy at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. During her time with the college's esteemed music program, she witnessed firsthand how music can build community connections and transform lives.

She has played the flute with multiple symphonic bands and the piccolo for the Blugold Marching Band. She has also volunteered extensively, playing piano in multiple nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Her music-based writing experience includes dozens of artist profiles published on StubHub, as well as overviews of local musicians for Twin Cities NewsCastic.


64 Projects Completed

As a college student, Stephanie paid her tuition through a combination of freelance writing, part-time jobs and selling Mary Kay products to the other students in her dorm. She's always enjoyed experimenting with hair and makeup, whether in preparation for her many dance competitions or simply for fun on a rainy day. When writing articles and blog posts about beauty, Stephanie strives to show readers that a little pampering can pay huge dividends in self-confidence. Many of her beauty articles are written from an entertainment perspective, drawing on the regimens of today's top actresses, musicians, models, and reality stars.


58 Projects Completed

Stephanie has published several scrapbooking guides through Yahoo! Shine. These articles cover scrapbooking embellishments and materials, shopping for scrapbooking supplies online and a variety of other topics. Other topics covered include landscape quilting, knitting, and kids' crafts.


33 Projects Completed

There are few forms of writing more enjoyable than satire. From political blogs to droll Fashion Police style articles, Stephanie has written numerous chuckle-worthy pieces.


2,928 Projects Completed

Stephanie has written thousands of articles covering a vast array of topics. She conducts in-depth research for all topics she covers. Her articles are accurate, informative, and fun to read.

Blog Post

1,999 Projects Completed

Blogging represents a very important piece of the content strategy puzzle. Stephanie's conversational, yet authoritative style is well-suited to blogging.

Product Description

308 Projects Completed

Stephanie has completed hundreds of detailed product descriptions for various clients on WriterAccess. Products targeted include outdoor apparel, footwear, pet supplies and exercise equipment.

Press Release

55 Projects Completed

When crafting press releases, Stephanie utilizes a concise writing style that encourages readers to take action.

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