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Elizabeth is an experienced, versatile writer who has helped hundreds of clients publish great content on social media and other platforms. She has written about everything from how to teach a kid to ride a bike to developments in the real estate market. For every assignment, she uses her natural ability to emphasize the most interesting elements of a piece, creating prose that is memorable and informative.

Her commitment to clients is evident in her work. She finishes projects ahead of deadlines, proofread every character she types, and delivers highly readable prose. In the course of her freelancing, Elizabeth has worked with major retailers. She has also contributed work to small businesses and local publications. Bringing talent and professionalism to each assignment is her greatest pride.
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Elizabeth's writing helps brands build their client base. She has written for clients in the following industries: medicine, beauty, fitness, retail, nature, real estate, hobbies and personal finance.


Yoga, reading, running, travel, food, biking, languages, health and shopping small.


Bates College

In-depth study of European history and French language at a leading liberal arts institution. Completion of a senior thesis on the development of the nineteenth-century British circus.


40 Projects Completed

Elizabeth has written many articles and blog posts for medical practices. The primary focus of her content is to explain various treatments and focus on their benefits. Her projects have included the following topics: braces, Invisalign, infertility, Botox, allergies, facials, the Hydrafacial, medical training and laser tattoo removal.


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Elizabeth has written for digital marketing companies looking to promote their services. This type of work involves a bit of show and tell, because these companies usually offer content creation. Therefore, posts for them must explain their services while demonstrating the ability of well-written content to build brand credibility.

Some topics that Elizabeth has written about include email marketing, digital marketing strategy, pay-per-click advertising, social media and the relevance of digital marketing to specific industries.


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Broad travel experience and a passion for writing make Elizabeth an engaging travel writer. She has visited over 25 countries for both work and leisure. Her writing reflects her first-hand understanding of a travel enthusiast's needs. She can help readers find accommodations, acclimate to the local culture, identify top attractions and otherwise prepare for a trip. Her favorite places to write about include India, the Middle East, Western Europe, the Balkans and Japan.

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Elizabeth writes blog posts that are interesting for readers and attractive to search engines. Her posts demonstrate effective keyword usage, headings and subheadings. The prose of her posts is both highly readable and formatted for visual clarity.

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