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With David, it doesn’t matter whether academic writing differs from legal writing and legal writing differs from business writing. He has a love for writing so what he writes about is just a hard copy of his thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.
It is not just about ideas, infatuation or excitement either. It is not always elegant. The pure rush of putting contexts, people and situations into words that one day, someone might agree, enjoy or even critique gives an indescribable rush.
Mr. Tyson loves writing because he can pen his thoughts when they harass or smother him. Some common opinions, some kept secrets, some stifled feelings or some wild inspiration.
He loves writing because it is creation, perhaps, he can write and nobody has to interpret or everyone can.
He can bleed through his words and no one would distinguish. Just chalk it off as a dream or existential commentary.
The depth depends on his interest.  David has a love for writing because it’s his. It is his withdrawal and inspiration and thoughts.
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There are five main types of writing and David has studied, trained, and written in each one of them: expository, descriptive, narrative persuasive, and creative. Many other subtypes fall under these titles, but it's easiest to start here or anywhere your comfortable.


David's interest in writing is many. He loves writing about love and relationships. Loves it when he's hired by a client to write for someone because, as a writer, you get to look and experience a culture right from your office.
Psychology is another area of interest. From what I know about David, I am sure he can write in any genre, but what he can do all day is writing essays, articles, blogs on humanity and nature.


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Paralegal issues in most courses include an introduction to law, legal research and writing, civil procedure law, and legal ethics. In elective courses, students can align their training in the direction of their interests, from criminal law, environmental law, and labor law to tax law and domestic relationships. Below are descriptions of some courses required for degrees and certificates in Paralegal Studies, as well as industry knowledge acquired in the classes.
More and more schools are offering advanced degrees in Paralegal Studies that acquiring in around two years is capable. The degree is known as the Master of Science (MS) in Paralegal Studies. The degree usually focuses on a more theoretical approach to law. Students being forced to complete research projects in which they test their legal writing and research skills in various areas of law.

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David Tyson, said one of his favorite things to write about, is love, the psychology of it. The cliches and truth of them. He examines the why's behind the what. Is falling in love different from loving this person. How many people realize they may not love the person they say they do as opposed to being on an emotional high. Topics like that are what his writing focuses on


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David’s priority in business writing is the effective, clear communication of specific information. I don’t waste words; I fill every paragraph with informative information. 
David doesn’t get hired and then just starts writing. He gets hired then he thinks about the client’s goals and the audience he or she will deliver it to. He will tailor your speech to the audience you are speaking to. It makes a difference whether you are communicating with a customer service representative, a long-time co-worker, or a potential new client. He is aware of phrases and expressions that could mislead or offend. He also examines what your audience wants to hear and then use that knowledge to shape your writing.
One tricky aspect of writing is that tone (i.e., we can easily misinterpret the attitude of the writer toward his subject or audience). Mr. Tyson understands that a letter can sound colder and more severe than you may intend. Pay attention not only to what it says but how your words are interpreted. Do not be overly informal or familiar. I take all these into consideration in my writings.


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Writing love letters seems like a lost art, but anybody can fire off a hasty text, “Sup?” but it definitely lacks that personal quality of receiving a handwritten letter from someone either from afar or just one city over. Imagine someone taking the time to sit down and write you a letter detailing what they have been up to, their thoughts and feelings around a matter, or even you. Seeing it in a solid copy, in their own writing does something that a simple text does not.

It elicits different emotions and makes you want to reply the same way so that they too can feel the way you did when you received the letter. That's why I enjoy writing letters, It means more and I get great reviews from husbands whose wives enjoyed it.


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Academic, writing and business writing are my favorite to do, but my experience as a paralegal is what makes me knowledgable about contract law and business proposals.

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