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Helen has written numerous articles in a wide range of formats. She primarily focuses on how to, list and blog style articles, though she is capable of writing most format styles. She has been writing articles online for roughly two years and started with instructions of how to perform specific tasks.
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Helen writes a wide range of styles. She primarily focuses on lists, reviews, blogs and instructional writing styles.


Helen enjoys English literature, reading, poetry, movies, psychology, personal finance, diet, fitness, health and a wide range of sports.


Concord University

Helen studied English and Psychology at Concord University for two years. She has not yet completed her undergraduate degree.


3,071 Projects Completed

Helen has written articles relating to maintaining physical health, mental health, psychology and medical equipment. She primarily wrote list style articles that discussed symptoms of different mental or physical health conditions as well as methods of preventing health problems. Her articles are informative in nature for the purpose of instructing readers about illnesses of the mind and body or methods of preventing sickness.


1,940 Projects Completed

Helen wrote articles in blog, instructional and tip formats to help consumers learn about different tips on comparing insurances or the purchase of vital insurance. She provided advice and information that primarily discussed getting the best deals or finding the insurance company that is appropriate for the consumer's personal needs and the particular type of insurance.

Real Estate

697 Projects Completed

Helen wrote articles related to buying a home, selling a house and calculating the costs of a home purchase. Her articles were informational and instructive to help consumers learn more about the cost of their mortgage and whether or not a home is currently in reach. She also provided advice about methods of saving on interest charges and bringing down the cost of a mortgage for homeowners who are looking for ways to save on real estate purchases.


555 Projects Completed

Helen wrote several articles relating to educational topics, including tips for college level writing, teaching elementary students and particular skills relating to calculation. She enjoys writing about school related topics, particularly when it relates to English, Literature or citation in different formats. Her primary method of writing was instructional to help obtain school related skills.


264 Projects Completed

Helen enjoyed writing articles in an instructional format related to the topic of careers. She wrote informational articles related to finding a job, methods of writing an effective resume and interview tips that are useful in finding a new job. The career related topics differed in structure, though most followed a list or instructional format.


248 Projects Completed

Helen wrote several articles related to fitness, physical activities and the health benefits of exercise. Her articles were primarily instructional, giving readers the opportunity to learn about different methods of getting in shape or ensuring that the body is positioned correctly during a workout routine. She also wrote list-style articles giving physical activities for various situations.


228 Projects Completed

Helen wrote several articles relating to video games, PC games and online games that are available. Many of her articles provided strategies and basic instructions for particular games to find items, beat the level or get through a specific task. She has also written articles that list different games in a particular category for personal enjoyment or different age groups.


141 Projects Completed

Helen enjoys writing entertainment articles and articles related to the arts. She has written articles relating to instructions on drawing, entertainment news and tips related to artistic endeavors. The articles she wrote ranged from instructions to lists of tips or data relating to entertainment. Her personal interest in art and entertainment has resulted in fun articles in an informational and conversational tone.


96 Projects Completed

Helen wrote several articles relating to pet health, the elimination of common pet pests and the appropriate training of cats, dogs and birds. Her articles were well-researched informative styles that give pet owners necessary information to handle any problem that might arise. The tips and instructions she wrote help ensure that pet owners will know how to handle emergencies and methods of training their pets.


94 Projects Completed

Helen wrote several articles relating to family, children and activities that families are able to do together. Many of her articles discussed parenting tips or children's activities based on age group or a topic of interest. Her articles primarily discuss advice about accomplishing particular tasks, though she has also written lists of different activities or crafts for children and parents who want a few ideas for particular events.


79 Projects Completed

Due to her interest in fashion, beauty and similar topics, Helen has written articles giving advice about different fashionable outfits or methods of improving beauty. Her articles ranged from providing instructions on using particular beauty products to planning methods of putting together different outfits for a trendy or timeless look.


72 Projects Completed

Helen enjoys a wide range of different foods and has written articles based on her experiences regarding different marinades, recipes and tips relating to cooking. She has also written articles that list different types of food from particular areas of the world and instructions on how to make particular foods.


63 Projects Completed

Helen has written several articles on healthy nutrition, eating while on a diet and reading the labels to avoid unhealthy foods. She wrote instructions giving tips and information about how to read labels or putting together nutritious meal plans for the whole family. Many of her articles also provide lists of different foods that are high in nutrition or foods to avoid when planning a healthy diet.


30 Projects Completed

Helen's personal interest in gardening has led her to offer advice relating to plant care, the elimination of pests and other gardening related topics in her articles. Many of her articles give care instructions or details about removing harmful pests from the garden as well as tips to avoid the use of chemical applications when gardening.


5,050 Projects Completed

Helen has written roughly 3,500 articles in various format types. She primarily focuses on instructional articles, tips, lists and blogs. Most of her articles are informational and discuss a wide range of topics based on her interests. Many of her articles are related to personal finance, health, family, pets and similar topics.

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