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Although new to the content-creation industry, Miguel has written extensively in workplace and academic settings. He also has experience making substantive comments on various issues online, as well crafting meaningful personal communications.
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Miguel specializes in persuasive writing, logical analysis, and commentary. As an editor, he has solid training in correct grammar, style, and usage. As a former pastor, he also has the ability to speak to people compassionately and personally about the hard realities of life. Miguel also has extensive experience in the armored car and security fields, including security management experience. He also has considerable knowledge of firearms and ammunition and a working knowledge of martial arts.


Miguel's areas of interest include worldview, politics, culture, personal and relational issues, theology, philosophy, bible, apologetics, history, language, self-defense, martial arts, firearms, and ammunition.


Bob Jones University

Miguel majored in History and minored in Interpretative Speech, honing skills in oral and written communication. He especially enjoyed studies in drama, oral interpretation of literature, and ancient history and culture.

Knox Theological Seminary

Miguel completed eighty-eight credit hours, including a master’s thesis and courses in Greek, Hebrew, systematic theology, biblical theology, preaching, and counseling. The required writing gave him the confidence to communicate at an academic level, while the courses in preaching sharpened his ability to communicate clearly at the popular level.


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The "Other" industry in question is the field of Security (including the armored car industry), in which Miguel has more than 15 years of experience, including management experience. He has written reports, proposals, and procedures in connection his work in this industry.


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Miguel has written sermons and other kinds of content in the context of church work and of seeking church work, as well as academic papers on bible, theology, apologetics, and ethics for his seminary studies.


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Miguel has been a firearms enthusiast and hobbyist since his grade school days. Although he has not published professionally on the subject, he has been known to give advice and to comment online on such matters. Miguel's areas of most extensive knowledge are handguns and ammunition. He also has a general knowledge of the characteristics and regional origins of various martial arts.

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Miguel can help you sell your product, explain your idea, promote your position, or answer your critics. His experience in researching and writing persuasive and analytical material for academic work, church ministry, and personal correspondence can help your content shine. His training as an editor gives him an edge in making sure your content looks professional. His experience should transfer well to blogs, web pages, press releases, white papers, articles, essays, and advertisements.

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