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Scott S
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Starting as a dishwasher in busy kitchens in Seattle, Scott brings a wide range of food preparation experience to my writing. His food writing focuses on food production details that help home cooks learn new techniques and expand their cooking skills by imagining the possibilities in their own kitchens. With 15 years and counting (he is still a working chef) of professional cooking, Scott likes to tell stories to better help the reader experience the hospitality industry. What's it like to be a professional chef? What are some cooking techniques that only a chef would know? What's the best way to barbecue a brisket?

Foodies are interested in his writing because of the vast amount of professional restaurant experience. It is difficult to duplicate unless you have been behind the hotline of a kitchen for a few years. This unusual food journey has allowed him to gain valuable food knowledge that I now share with my food writing. Food writing is one of the few food professions where you are judged on what you eat, drink and cook at home. a real chef knows food trends and will go into greater detail about how food is grown or produced.

Chef Scott Stokes is an expert in food writing with many years of experience behind me. He has a great deal of hands-on experience working with popular chefs, seafood suppliers, cattle ranchers and sausage makers, barbeque pit masters, gardeners, fisherman, knife makers, restaurant equipment professionals, and the list continues. His professional career has given him experience with diverse food, recipes, and cooking techniques.

Scott is a certified WSU Master gardener and meets with a group of amazing and lovely gardeners once a week to work on his local area's Master Gardener demonstration garden. He has years of experience gardening on our homestead in the Pacific Northwest. He loves to travel. His career gives him unique experience to interact with chefs and hospitality professionals on a deeper level to bring readers a more captivating story and genuine perspective.

Search Engine Optimization, Developing customer relationships, establishing leads through relationship building, customer/community engagement, and brand loyalty are only a few of the items you should expect when working with this Chef, Master Gardener, and Food Writer. Do you want the perspective of true experience in your next writing project. Work with Scott and make your project a success.