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After spending three years writing countless essays in English and Spanish at the University of Texas at Austin, Jaclyn worked for a year and a half at a digital marketing startup writing and editing blogs for realtors, lawyers, HVAC, Medical Billing, and writing about SEO for the company's own website.


She specializes in writing for real estate, Texas Law, and Health & Fitness categories. She wrote and edited extensively for the blogs of two real estate clients and two lawyer clients in Texas for a local digital marketing company for a year and a half.


Jaclyn's interests span many different fields, including fitness, circus, black cats, and bread baking.


University of Texas at Austin

Jaclyn graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in three years with a double major in Iberian and Latin American Languages and Cultures (Spanish) and Radio-Television-Film. She honed her writing technique in both English and Spanish analyzing literature and developing persuasive arguments.

After finishing college, she worked for a year and a half at a digital marketing startup, writing and editing blogs for all types of client websites (including lawyers, realtors, cleaning services, HVAC companies, and more). On top of writing website content, she created and scheduled social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, updated client websites, and optimized all content for online search engines.


0 Projects Completed

Jaclyn wrote consistently for two different lawyers based in Austin, Texas. One was a criminal defense lawyer, and the other was a group of lawyers specializing in legal cases of all types that involved both the United States and Mexico.


0 Projects Completed

While working part-time at a digital marketing agency in Austin, Texas, Jaclyn wrote the blogs and updated content for the company's own website. These includes advice for digital marketing campaigns, social media news, updates, tech, and all-ages-friendly blogs about small business marketing on the internet.


32 Projects Completed

Jaclyn has written 500 to 2000 word articles for a variety of clients in English and Spanish. Topics include: real estate, law, motivational life coaching, HVAC, cleaning service, lawn service, and more

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