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Moshe H
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Moshe's interest in writing has taken many forms over the past decade. As an avid TV and movie watcher in the late 2000s, Moshe wrote reviews and analysis on his personal blogs. Looking for more formal training in that field, Moshe took courses in writing a TV pilot, which includes character construction and story development.

In the mid 2010s Moshe became more involved in politics and community advocacy, and his writing became a huge asset in that endeavor. Moshe wrote for a candidate for Congress, a local newspaper, and national blogs, eventually creating his own blog for the purpose of archiving his articles. Through the use of social media, Moshe's blog has accrued thousand of monthly visitors.

Moshe also writes for the internal industry newsletter at his day job. Interviewing long-time employees and department heads for various technologies, Moshe writes widely read articles so thousands of his co-workers and colleagues can learn more about their business and industry.
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