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Moshe's interest in writing has taken many forms over the past decade. As an avid TV and movie watcher in the late 2000s, Moshe wrote reviews and analysis on his personal blogs. Looking for more formal training in that field, Moshe took courses in writing a TV pilot, which includes character construction and story development.

In the mid 2010s Moshe became more involved in politics and community advocacy, and his writing became a huge asset in that endeavor. Moshe wrote for a candidate for Congress, a local newspaper, and national blogs, eventually creating his own blog for the purpose of archiving his articles. Through the use of social media, Moshe's blog has accrued thousand of monthly visitors.

Moshe also writes for the internal industry newsletter at his day job. Interviewing long-time employees and department heads for various technologies, Moshe writes widely read articles so thousands of his co-workers and colleagues can learn more about their business and industry.


Moshe's specialty is research and analysis. So many consumers are yearning for more than what is seen on the surface, they want to dive deep into a variety of topics. This explains the success of countless blogs and podcasts that can speak for hours on any subject, be it a movie, book, episode of television, or the news of the day.


While Moshe's freelance work is primarily political analysis, he is also interested in technology and entertainment. His technology background includes a professional knowledge of photography equipment and mobile entertainment.


Queens College

Moshe began attending Queens College in the Fall of 2005. After taking a variety of courses, the best career path at the time was accounting.

He graduated at the end of the Fall 2008 semester.


100 Projects Completed

Moshe's has a vast variety of experience in Project Discovery Documents, Project Requirements Documents, Data Governance, and Research and Development documents. Moshe has written documents suited to the audience, be it a developer on a project or a CEO making a multi-million dollar decision.

Moshe has worked with technology teams who code in multiple languages, so his documentation must transcend those language barriers and be specific to each team, while keeping in mind the needs of the project as a whole. As a core member of dozens of project teams, Moshe, through his documents, brings a clarity that makes the endeavor a success.


50 Projects Completed

Moshe's has a weekly opinion column in a local newspaper, and has written for various political blogs. His expertise ranges to include local, national and international political analysis. Moshe has written op-eds, opinions, interviews, and historical columns.
During the course of his work, Moshe has sought out high ranking political figures for quotes, delved deep into records for data, and garnered a following of engaged readers. Letters to the editor frequently discuss the topics that Moshe wrote about in previous issues, and circulation has grown since Moshe began his weekly column.


50 Projects Completed

Moshe posts in a variety of print and online publications. Based in New York, Moshe writes articles that cover local, national and international issues.

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