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Mayank has written several articles online for approximately two years. The subjects and formats have varied widely based on the need of the particular article. Common subjects have included finance, education, physical fitness, health and advice about childhood activities and parenting. Mayank is able to research and write many topics as a result of his experience writing on various subjects.


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Mayank J's Food Industry Experience

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The articles about food were variable and ranged from diet information to recipes. Primary formats were instructional how to due to the step by step recipe information. The instructions were designed to help readers learn methods of making specific types of foods like desserts. The data relating to diets was information topic formats or how to, depending on the particular content of the topic.

Industry Projects

  • Kids/Family100+
  • Finance100+
  • Fashion100+
  • Education100+
  • Food100+
  • Real Estate100+
  • Fitness100+
  • Health100+
  • Gaming100+
  • Garden50+
  • Pets50+
  • Travel20+
  • Hobby20+
  • Medical20+
  • Nutrition20+
  • Self Help20+
  • Sports10+
  • Outdoor/Recreation10+
  • Green Living10+

Summary of Industry Experience


The articles Mayank wrote about children and family related to child health, activities for children and parenting advice for children of all ages. Articles also discussed cultural differences in raising children and ways that parents could help children in school. The data ranges from instructions for particular activities to informational articles. Information provided in the articles differed based on the particular topic and the advice necessary to provide details about the topic.


Mayank's finance degree has made it possible for him to write a wide range of financial topics. The topics included finance jobs and personal finance advice. Data was widely variable and used different formatting styles. Lists, topic data and how to formats were the primary types of writing styles required for the articles. The financial articles gave advice and information relating to finances.


Mayank wrote a variety of online articles related to fashion clothing, accessories and beauty tips for hair and skin. The primary format was how to or list style giving beauty tips or information about fashionable outfits and accessories based on a wide range of styles. The fashion topics also included methods of staying trendy.


Mayank wrote instructional articles about teaching, school related activities and school related projects. His target age group varied from elementary teachers or activities to college level citation data. The primary format style Mayank used when writing the articles was how to or list format for simple instructions or informational data. The articles provide various data about the topic.


The articles about food were variable and ranged from diet information to recipes. Primary formats were instructional how to due to the step by step recipe information. The instructions were designed to help readers learn methods of making specific types of foods like desserts. The data relating to diets was information topic formats or how to, depending on the particular content of the topic.

Real Estate

Real estate articles written by Mayank have discussed a wide range of topics related to buying or selling a home. The formats ranged from how to instructions to advice relating to particular needs. Real estate articles have primarily focused on advice about houses and the various options available. Many of the articles are informative and help readers with details about advantages, disadvantages or helpful tips that make the decision making process simpler.


Mayank's articles discuss methods of building muscles, exercise and healthy fitness routines for different types of goals. Articles were primarily written in a how to format due to providing instructions relating to workout routines or meeting physical fitness goals. the topics gave advice relating to particular muscle groups and exercises as well as general fitness advice.


Mayank wrote articles relating to maintaining health, methods of improving health and recognizing problems related to health. Health related topics discussed everything from recognizing different insect bites for proper treatment to different equipment used in medical situations. Articles were primarily how to and list formats for simple instructions or informational data. Health articles range from the information everyone should know to data that is most important for men and women working in the medical field.


Mayank's gaming articles included a wide range of data ranging from lists of online games in a particular category, cheats for specific games or tips that make games easier to play. He wrote articles in a how to format to give instructions for particular video game play while other articles provide tips or a list of information about the particular game. The data is primarily informational in nature.


Online articles were written relating to gardening tips, methods of growing specific plants or details of improving the personal garden. The information was primarily related to growing plants or specific plant tips in a how to format. Gardening information ranged from tips about planting, transplanting, fertilizing, creating composts or working with a specific plant. Most of the articles were simple instructional styles.


The articles Mayank wrote relating to pets has varied from instructions on particular care needs of dogs and cats to grooming tips to help pet owners make their pet look as beautiful as possible. The article details are primarily instructional or informative in nature and follow a how to or list style format. The pet related topics have varied in the information provided based on the topic and necessary data to answer particular questions.


Travel articles written by Mayank in a how to or list style format discuss a wide range of topics. Information relates to tips about visas, getting residency in a different country, health while overseas or traveling advice. The data provides information that is useful for a wide range of necessities relating to traveling, particularly overseas travel advice and tips.


Hobbies discuss a wide range of potential categories, including playing card games and sports or collecting specific items. The articles that Mayank wrote relating to hobbies discussed instructions to play specific games or methods of collecting specific items. Since hobbies are variable, the data also differs to meet the needs of the audience. Articles primarily focused on instructions.


Medical articles written by Mayank are variable. The information contained within the articles included instructional data in a how to format to deal with particular aspects of illnesses or ways to find medical personnel for particular problems. The articles are primarily written in a how to format for instructional purposes. Most of the articles are advice relating to particular mental health or physical health needs. Most articles are not related to medical terminology or equipment.


The articles Mayank wrote relating to nutrition were primarily informative formats relating to healthy eating or foods that have a particular impact upon the body. By providing nutritional details about gaining or losing energy, improving blood sugar levels or keeping up with a healthy diet, the audience is able to improve their level of nutrition or remove unhealthy items from the diet. The data provided in the articles is designed for educational purposes rather than other necessities.

Self Help

The articles Mayank wrote relating to self help give details about a wide range of necessities. Many of the articles are tips for emotional help or coping with particular situations. The helpful advice is designed to make it easier for readers to get through the problems that arise in life. A wide range of self help topics were written by Mayank to provide advice for work, home and other areas of life.


Articles relating to sports written by Mayank range from coaching tips to particulars about a specific sport. The details provided in the articles are primarily advice to help with learning the sport, playing a game or coaching. Most of the articles are informational and thus have a list or topic format style. Tips are the primary type of article, though some informational articles provide instructions as well.


Outdoor and recreational articles written by Mayank have varied from topics like fishing and hunting tips to outdoor survival information. The primary format is informational list or topic styles, though some articles are also how to instructions. Most of the articles are related to outdoor survival or fishing, with a focus on foods on various outdoor locations and tips to manage potential problems that might arise when enjoying outdoor activities.

Green Living

The information provided in how to and list style articles for green living ranged from tips about selecting different types of environmentally friendly cleaners to methods of cutting back on water and electricity usage. The data provided with the green living articles was primarily related to giving tips and ideas to help cut back on a carbon footprint or take measures to conserve valuable resources. Articles were informational so that readers would learn more details about green living.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+

Summary of Product Experience


Mayank wrote approximately 2500 to 3000 over the course of two years. He has extensive experience in short instructive articles that give information about accomplishing particular tasks. His articles are related to a wide range of topics based on eclectic interests that drive him to research and write about the different questions.

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