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Kit M
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Lumphinnans, Fife
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Kit's professional background is in IT support. She spent many years working full-time in financial services and then moved to a medical non-profit.

While she was working in financial services, she started freelance writing (and translation) as a side-hustle, before making the move to full-time freelancing in August 2019. She writes in both British and U.S. English.

Outside work, Kit has experience as a voluntary TEFL teacher, NLP practitioner, and (qualified) complementary therapist.
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Kit's specialties reflect her professional background, namely technology, business and finance, and healthcare. She has a particular interest in and knowledge of natural and complementary therapies, including medical marijuana.


Outside of work, Kit enjoys gardening (indoor and outdoor), photography and strategy games, especially backgammon, poker and fantasy sports.


St Andrews University

Kit's degree is French and Spanish, she also studied German for two years. Additionally, she is fluent in Italian and Russian.


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Kit spent about 15 years working in financial services, mostly in payment processing.


0 Projects Completed

Kit spent 6 years working for a medical nonprofit and is also a qualified holistic therapist, specializing in massage and aromatherapy.

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100 Projects Completed

Kit's main niche is writing blogs, although she also writes other types of copy such as product descriptions, web pages and ebooks.

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