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In her career, Laura has often had to create something from nothing. That something almost always included some sort of documentation, written policies, procedures, marketing materials and business written communications.

Laura has also worked in a global setting for more than 12 years, requiring her to be capable of written communication that transcends culture. She is also a formally trained educator with a background in foreign languages, which also adds to her global dimension.

She has developed and led teams in all aspects of business operations, which have given her a broad perspective and has built her knowledge across functional areas.
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Event management, sales operations management, hospitality services, software management, global business, travel, higher education administration.


Travel, music, outdoor adventure


Indiana University of Pennsylvania

The SAHE graduate program at IUP provides its students with a well-rounded education in all aspects of leading and managing in higher education.
Students are trained in operational areas and develop skills that allow them to respond to the development of the students, while delivering results to the institution.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Graduates in the French Education program have demonstrated proficiency in the language in written and oral forms.
Additionally, graduates have been formally trained in pedagogical methods, including learning how to develop assessment tools that fairly and accurately evaluate student learning.


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Laura has over 20 years' experience in hospitality management and hospitality-related industries, including working with global organizations. Additionally, she has taught college-level classes focused on hospitality.
Laura has successfully run a hospitality department and tripled revenues of that department in five years.


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Laura has traveled to over 20 different countries and 40 states in the US. The majority of her travel has been self-planned and self-directed, as she prefers to experience other cultures and activities without the filter of a tour group.
Laura believes the best way to break down barriers is through travel and walking in someone else's shoes. Nothing can replace prejudice and ignorance faster than a first-hand experience.

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Laura is often called upon as the resident industry expert in her organization to write blog posts, ebooks and white papers for the company's website.

This particular blog post was in response to an industry trend that was gaining momentum and evolving in importance to the client base served by the industry.

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