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Writing and editing have been Lisa’s passion for the past decade, because these activities let her help people achieve their content and business goals. She has been fortunate to work for a diverse blend of clients and employers, and she has participated in some unique projects.

During the earlier part of her career, she worked for Remilon, an educational company that created step-by-step vocational roadmaps. Writing roadmaps for traditional careers was easy, but the more obscure careers required Lisa to conduct in-depth research, including checking government websites, trade organizations, and university catalogs.

Working for Remilon inspired Lisa to pursue a nonfiction writing opportunity with the Atlantic Publishing Company. The book project was all about vocational planning. It wasn’t long before she had researched and written the book, How to Change Your Career and Do the Work You Really Love: A Step-by-Step Plan for Making It Happen.

After the book project, Lisa continued to work for educational companies, but then she expanded into educational services and human resources organizations. Most of the writing she did for these groups was general marketing, but she also did some technical writing projects, including training manuals, FAQs, reports, and evaluations.

Lisa moved up to Portland, Oregon in 2016. One of the first companies she worked for, Evanta, was an event planning organization. During her time there, she had the opportunity to interview C-suite level executives from some of the biggest companies in the world. It was fascinating for Lisa to hear how passionate these people were, and also how honest they were about the problems their organizations were facing. She was ecstatic to help them build conferences to address those issues, so they and their peers could find potential solutions.

In 2018, Lisa’s technical writing skills got a major boost when she went through training to become a quality process writer for SBM. She learned about the value in creating standard operating procedures and how to get employees to take ownership of those documents. She got to interview subject matter experts as she researched a wide variety of manufacturing and janitorial tasks. After she conducted research, she wrote more than 25 standard operating procedures, and she updated 20 others. While she was going through training, Lisa also received yellow belt-level certification in Lean Six Sigma.

Her time working for Precoa allowed Lisa to stretch her legs in an odd niche — funeral planning. Writing business-to-customer (B2C) content in this particular area was not something Lisa initially sought out, but when she read the job advertisement, her curious mind kept spinning with questions about what type of content would such a company need, and how could she help their customers. Conducting market research into their demographic was an eye-opening experience for Lisa, and it allowed her to create highly structured email campaign workflows meant to target different groups searching for specific funeral planning needs.

She has also had the opportunity to work as a technical editor for several clients and organizations. Lisa would say that there are two sides of editing, including editing for flow and editing for grammar. Flow refers to style, organization, and continuity. If the flow is bad, fixing the grammar is not going to help. Since Lisa has a writer’s background, she knows how to talk to other writers about their work in a way that is constructive, informative, and respectful. She also understands that feedback is a two-way street, so she does her best to listen and remain open-minded.

Throughout her career as a content specialist, Lisa has also become a published urban fantasy author. For those unfamiliar with the genre, urban fantasy includes stories with fantastical and magical elements within an urban setting. For example, Harry Potter, The Dresden Files, and the Percy Jackson series. Since 2014, Lisa has published six works, including four collections of short stories and two novels. She has another collection of short stories due to be published in December 2019.
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California State University, Stanislaus

During her time as an undergraduate, Lisa participated in the Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society, serving as Vice President. She was also a certified tutor at the university writing center, a reporter for the college newspaper, and an editor for two college publications. She graduated Magna Cum Laude, made the National Dean's List in 2005, and was on the university's dean's list from 2005-2008.

California State University, Stanislaus

During her time as a graduate student, Lisa worked as a researcher for a gender and racial identity fellowship. She was also a co-editor for the CSUS San Joaquin Valley Journal, a teacher's assistant for a gender and sexuality in literature undergraduate course, and a panel speaker at the 2011 Shakespeare Symposium. She participated in the Center for Excellence in Graduate Education (CEGE) research contest, and she won 1st place. To finish her studies, she produced a 175-page master’s thesis that analyzed issues of gender, discourse, spatiality, and identity within four different translations of the medieval romance, 'Tristan and Iseult.' Finally, she received the highest scores possible on two comprehensive literature exit exams, and she graduated with distinction.


0 Projects Completed

In this self-help book, Lisa provides a carefully detailed roadmap to guide people through the ups and downs of changing careers. She addresses key considerations, such as taking stock of life situations and obligations before the change, making realistic plans for how to get additional training, and finally ways to overcome fears and take the leap into changing careers.


0 Projects Completed

Lisa has written copy in the education industry for many clients, including those promoting educational products and services. She has also produced and edited training manuals, teaching guides, modules, education presentations, nonfiction books, and supplemental topic information documents.

On the marketing side, Lisa enjoys writing content that helps users understand the immediate and long-term benefits they will receive from an educational product or service. On the technical writing side, Lisa wants to make sure that she always presents the most up-to-date information as possible, which is why she loves conducting research and interviewing subject matter experts for every project.


0 Projects Completed

Lisa has written a wide range of marketing copy, including consumer product copy, as this example shows. She enjoys doing market research to figure out customer pain points for each product or service. That research lets her craft authentic copy that resonates with consumers on an emotional level. Lisa knows that when marketing copy triggers that emotional response, customer buy-in an engagement goes through the roof.


100 Projects Completed

With a background in journalism, Lisa has enjoyed producing a wide range of articles for clients and companies. Many of her articles have been customer advocacy pieces, such as this example warning readers about the unexpected expenses involved in funeral planning. Lisa has also created interview-based articles, which work well for showcasing the skills and experience of members within an organization.

Other article types that Lisa has written include product descriptions, product comparisons, reviews of books and television shows, trend discussions, how-to articles, travel pieces, and general information articles. Lisa is comfortable writing in a neutral tone, but can also match the tone, voice, and style of practically any company.

Blog Post

100 Projects Completed

Lisa has created blog posts for clients and for her own websites. The connected sample was written in response to a trending social media challenge in which the client relayed their experiences performing the plank challenge. Lisa interviewed the client and produced an engaging narrative that told the client’s story about how completing the challenge gave them positive results that motivated them to try other exercise challenges.

Lisa enjoys creating blog posts, because they offer such a great way to communicate with customers at all levels. She can produce blogs similar to the example, which are often heartfelt and used for building customer trust and loyalty. Lisa can also produce blogs that educate customers, entice customers to engage with the company, or ones that motivate customers to follow through to the next stage of the sales funnel.

Lisa has also been hired to create thought leadership blogs for different companies. These types of blogs often require more research, but Lisa knows that when used effectively, these blogs can create a fascinating story that showcases a company’s values, their position in the industry, and what makes them an ideal partner.


40 Projects Completed

Lisa has produced e-books of all sizes, both nonfiction and fiction. For companies, she has often been tasked with creating e-books used as free gifts to help move customers down the sales funnel. These e-books include valuable information customers want followed by a CTA that encourages customers to contact the business and take the desired action.

Other types of e-books Lisa has written include how-to style books, tutoring guides, FAQs, use cases, partner success stories, and works of fiction. For fiction pieces, Lisa has the most experience with fantasy and supernatural genres.

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