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Mackenzie has been writing since she was eight-years-old. As a third grader, Mackenzie won her city-wide Public Speaking Competition delivering a speech that she composed. Since then, her love for persuasive and personal writing has blossomed into an obsession with political speechwriting, educational blogging, and writing inspiring messages to members of the club volleyball team that she coaches.

Mackenzie's professional writing has not only been featured in the Pearson Education Student Blog, but has lead her to be named a Top National Contributor to the website. She wrote over 30 posts for the company as a Student Ambassador. During that time, Mackenzie also was utilized by Indiana University's Office of Communications for YouTube interviews regarding diversity, travel, and music.

Upon completion of her Master's Degree in May 2020, Mackenzie aspires to make a full-time career out of writing in either a marketing or public relations capacity.
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blogging, speechwriting, resumes, cover letters


travel, volleyball, college sports, NFL, public relations


Indiana University

During her time at Indiana University, Mackenzie obtained a BA in Media with a concentration in Management, Industry and Policy. She double minored in Creative Industry Management and Marketing from the Kelley School of Business. She was a member of the Kelley Professionalism Organization, and a finalist in the Kelley Global Scholars Program. As a member of the African American Choral Ensemble, Mackenzie served as an ambassador overseas to Germany where she sang in the Neuschwanstein Castle.

Currently, Mackenzie is pursuing her Master's in Management and Leadership from Western Governors University.

Western Governors University

Mackenzie is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Management and Leadership. Her coursework focuses on business, communication, and analysis.


15 Projects Completed

As an ambassador for Pearson Education during her undergraduate studies, Mackenzie was a top contributor to the National Pearson Students Blog. Her entries covered a wide array of topics from education to family. A post regarding how to bounce back from a mistake received top honors from Pearson. While Mackenzie giving advice through her entries, her favorite posts were focused on personal experiences like dating in college and even how her college career was not perfect.


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While there are many aspects of Mackenzie's college career that some would consider unique, her favorite would be that she attended college with her mom and brother. She would take classes with her brother, and even offer to help edit her mom's papers. While this may seem odd to many, this experience is one that Mackenzie appreciated in many ways.


1 Projects Completed

As a student who was single during most of her time in undergrad, Mackenzie took pride in writing posts about dating in college. She discussed the benefits of not having a significant other in this stage of life, and how it helped her find out who she was meant to be in the future.

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Mackenzie has written many blog posts with topics ranging from education to fitness. Her time spent as a Pearson Campus Ambassador gave her the opportunity to reach a national audience as a writer. Writing blog posts gave Mackenzie an outlet to both advise and share with students all over the country about student life. While she no longer is a member of the Pearson Students team, her experience sparked a love for writing that has inspired her to pursue a career in writing.

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