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After completing her Masters degree in English Literature, Danielle spent her career working in high-profile publishing houses including Pearson Education and the New England Journal of Medicine as a content manager and digital operations professional. Her writing interests include helping small businesses grow their online presence, alcoholism and addiction, and mental health. Danielle also enjoys writing about traveling the country full-time in her RV with her wife and dog.

Danielle has completed courses in Technical SEO, Content Marketing, and Wordpress development, all of which are skills she brings to each piece of writing she creates to help businesses succeed. She prides herself on her ability to research thoroughly, learn quickly, and educate others through writing.
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RVing/camping, U.S travel, alcoholism/addiction, mental health, pets, scholarly publishing, educational technology, literature/book reviews


Travel, Knitting/Crochet, Crafts, Dogs, Coffee


University of Massachusetts

Danielle completed her Masters Degree in English Literature, with a concentration on Shakespeare and John Milton. Her Masters thesis, "The Agnostic Scripture: Milton’s Conception of the Holy Spirit
from ?De Doctrina Christiana t?o ?Paradise Lost?", explores the evolution of Milton's religious views as evidenced through his writing.


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Danielle currently lives and travels the country full-time in her RV with her wife and dog. She writes about how she and her wife came to this decision, created a plan, and executed on it. Currently they are renovating their RV, and will hit the road in November for at least the next year. Danielle will continue to write about being a full-time RVer, and about the experiences they have throughout their travels.


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Danielle has been a pet owner of rescue dogs for over 10 years. She writes to give other pet owners information on products and solutions for a number of dog problems she has encountered, including food intolerance, anxiety, depression, and cancer.

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Danielle is a recovering alcoholic who has 8 years of sobriety. She writes about her recovery and alcoholism to help others find the help they need. She primarily posts her work on Medium, and is part of the partner's program.

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Danielle writes a blog about her RV experience and traveling the country full-time. In this sample, she describes how she and her wife downsized from a 1,600 square-foot apartment to a 200 square foot RV.

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While working for the New England Journal of Medicine, Danielle created static About Pages that described the Journal, editorial policies, and product and subscription frequently asked questions. She also maintains these pages at the discretion of the Strategic Marketing Manager.

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