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Brian has a diverse working career, and 15 years of education. His degrees include English literature, Psychology, Religion, and Business. His working background focused on sales, customer service, education, investment, and other fields. Now he works from home in his RV. He and his wife travel the United States in their RV with their three dogs experiencing what the country has to offer. Brian uses all of this experience and knowledge to create knowledgeable and interest holding articles for his clients on many topics.


Brian's specialties include: Investment/Insurance products, Camping/RV lifestyle, Dog topics, and many others.


Brian's interests are RVs, investments, dogs, and The Old West. There are other topics out there that I leave myself open too.


Eastern Michigan University

Duel Major in English Literature and Language
Minor in Communication

Florida Metropolitan University

Concentration in Business Management


26 Projects Completed

Brian has written extensively about the RV industry. Topics have included informational guides on rv rental products in the United States and the UK. D.I.Y. projects to repair, add equipment, or register custom RVs. Best of, shopping guides, and travel guides of certain areas. He has also written a number of articles on RV products designed for the disabled.


18 Projects Completed

Brian's background in finance has focused on educating consumers on investment products and basic strategies on how to handle money. He has written on how various insurance products work, creating financial disaster plans to prepare the for the unexpected, how IRAs, Mutual Funds, SIMPLE IRAs, 401ks, and other investment products work.


16 Projects Completed

Brian has helped his daughter with her dog rescue and has written many articles for her website and blog. He has also written articles for other clients on topics that include, breed trait comparisons, best breeds that enjoy traveling in RVs, dog training, pet health, dog nutrition, and other dog focused topics.


50 Projects Completed

Brian has completed many projects for website content. Clients developing or updating their websites have reached out to him directly for their content needs. He has worked on their landing pages as well as tangent page material. He has always received top reviews by clients for his natural flow of keywords and SEO proficiency.

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