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Joshua is a dynamic, creative writer with more than 20 years experience. He began his writing career in college when he was commissioned to write a five minute 1940’s radio style script to be performed at the annual Elk’s club member meeting. The script was written within a week’s time and performed to overwhelming delight.
Following the success of this script, Joshua went on to develop his writing skills in film school at the University of Hawaii, Manoa where he learned story telling and character development under the instruction of professionals who have worked in Hollywood. For his talents, Joshua was presented with grants to have his screenplays produced and distributed.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, Joshua was not able to complete his education at the university; however, strove to complete his Bachelor’s Degree online in Business Administration. He then decided to combine his film experience with the newly obtained business management information and started his own digital marketing agency. Joshua acquired numerous clients and began assisting small businesses develop and improve their online presence with video.
As his company grew and technology changed, he began to incorporate other aspects of digital marketing to include website management, print design, social media management, blogging and email marketing.
Over the course of the years, Joshua has worked with clients in varying industries such as finance, medical, fashion, travel and hospitality writing copy for website about and product pages, e-books, online courses, informational blogs, email and print advertisements.
Joshua believes in the importance of content writing that educates, inspires and entertains clients while creating an emotional connection between the business and the customer. He looks forward to working with individuals and businesses to develop creative, thought-provoking writing for online and print distribution.
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copy writing, creative writing, blogging, social media, paid ad campaigns, screen writing, print


small business, video, finance, marketing, food, travel and technology


University of Hawaii, Manoa

Joshua learned and developed his skills in screen writing and video production.

Ashford University

Joshua learned all aspects of how a business is to be run from marketing and advertising to finance.

Kaplan University

Joshua learned all aspects of personal finance from budgeting to forecasting to stocks and bonds and beyond.


100 Projects Completed

Joshua has been a small business owner and entrepreneur for more than a decade. Growing his digital marketing agency from its infancy to juggling more than a dozen clients certainly had its ups and downs but overall it was a remarkable experience. He has since utilized his knowledge, skills and creativity to coach other small business owners and entrepreneurs to build and grow their enterprises online.
Joshua has written more than 100 articles in business development, video production, digital photography, social media management and marketing strategy.


100 Projects Completed

Joshua built a successful digital marketing agency that assisted more than a dozen companies, in a wide variety of professions, market their businesses online utilizing paid and organic traffic. He wrote SEO conscience articles for each of his clients and coached other entrepreneurs on effective and efficient practices for marketing their businesses online.


0 Projects Completed

Joshua is an avid traveler and loves exploring new places and cultures... especially food. In addition to venturing around the United States, he has traveled to several countries in the Caribbean and Europe. He enjoys writing and documenting his experiences in hotels and emmerging into different cultures.

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100 Projects Completed

Blogging is an essential part of digital marketing and Joshua has mastered this skill to incorporate engaging content that is SEO conscience. He has written blog articles not only for his own company but for restaurants, salons, financial advisors, doctors and other business owners.

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