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Nichole G
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After a decade of writing, Nichole has lots of experience and knowledge of writing, although not a lot of paid experience. Most of her writing has been free-lancing, but she feels she should be able to make money off of something she is good at and enjoys doing. She is aware of SEO and research style writing, which is where most of her writing experience revolves. Her background is in health, but she is capable of almost any topic if there is research involved. Her number one goal is impress the clients with her writing, while continuing to gain experience.
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Nichole loves to read. Ten years ago, all she preferred was non-fictional works because she believed in always learning something. But when she got married 5 years ago, her husband has switched her interest over into fiction. Thus, these days, she is heavily reading fiction, with her specific interest in books that will be, or were, movies. She likes to contrast between the two, and always finds herself siding with the book (only if it was originally written before the movie). And last, she likes to write for the sake of writing, and this is why she also has a blog, a journal, and joined this site.


Other than reading, Nichole plays around with the dream of writing her own book someday, but finds herself struggling with her imagination. Nichole also enjoys exercising, knitting, watching a dozen television shows, and being on the internet.


Shasta College

Nichole spend her first year at Shasta with the intention of majoring in Accounting and stuck to a scheduled load of coursework. By year two, she decided accounting was not for her, and branched out into psychology out of personal interest. She spent the next two years taking an assortment of courses she wanted to take and courses required for an associates, until she managed to finish it off in December 2006, so that she could transfer out to a more advanced educational institution.

Trident University International

Health Education revolves around aiming to educate people of all cultures and backgrounds about preventative methods to be healthy. They take an approach of encouraging a healthy lifestyle by eating well, being physically active and gaining an educated understanding of health risks and circumstances the individual/population may face. For instance, Native Americans are more at risk for diabetes than other cultures in the United States, and health educators aim to help them understand their risks and how to take preventative actions against developing it.

Rio Salado College

Course completion is completely online. After dropping this major back in 2003, Nichole decided to pursue it after all.


2 Projects Completed

Nichole's work in this industry is amateur because she hardly finds paid openings in the field. However, being a recent graduate in health education, it is her personal field of interest and where she hopes to be able to write the most.


2 Projects Completed

Nichole wrote relationship advice for women on Examiner.com for a while over the Spring of 2011. Overall, she just loves providing relationship related advice to people in general. Although this job had the potential of paying me, in the end I received no profit because it was aimed more at paying per amount of people that view the articles (requiring immense advertising) than how much I wrote. I have sense, not returned to writing for Examiner because of poor communication with the company.


14 Projects Completed

Nichole has written 15 articles for various clients through Writersaccess, so far. Much of it has revolved in celebrity news. However, she has managed to write a city review, which pleased the client immensely, granting her a 5 star rating.

Blog Post

13 Projects Completed

Nichole has managed three blogs over the past 10 years, although she is currently keeping up with only one of them. This blog is mostly an information source for other individuals that want/will/have a cochlear implant at some point in their lives. It is so they may understand how one individual (Nichole) dealt with the implant, so that they have better insight in what it is like. Nichole does not get paid for this blog because she does not advertise with adsense and it is mostly free-writing.

Product Description

7 Projects Completed

Writing product descriptions comes naturally to Nichole because she constantly researches products. She will never buy a product without spending hours of research first, and when it comes to writing up a product description, she researches it as if it she is going to buy it. It helps her write well-rounded product descriptions that never disappoint the client.


3 Projects Completed

Nichole wrote a few advertisements that were for law firms who were looking for specific clients. Although they follow under SEO article styled writings, they come more across as advertisements than articles.

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