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Mudeer has over 10 years of experience writing and editing technical and non-technical pieces related to the fields of STEM, SEO, educational information, academia, and blogs. With a background in mechanical engineering from The University of Texas at Austin, he quickly researches and understands the intricacies behind any topic and conveniently conveys information in a way that anyone can comprehend. His proficiency in the SEO (search engine optimization) field has ranked multiple websites for niche terms based on his content writing, article writing, and backlinking strategies.

His latest accomplishments include:

• drafting and publishing technical error reports based on his root cause analysis
• creating training documents for new-hire employees in the industrial field
• establishing templates for a client to capture, track, & report on business readiness milestones at an executive level
• creating model future-state business processes for their respective business segments
• acting as the main author and editor on an 80+ page document that covered the effectiveness and testing of metallic mechanical seals in subsea environments at extreme pressures
• optimizing websites on and off-page to rank on page 1 of search engines

Delivering accurate, top-quality, informative and engaging content on time is Mudeer's number one goal when hired to write for you. When first given a project, he makes sure to understand the full scope of work and all desired objectives. If there is any ambiguity, he will reach out to clarify and remove potential risks of miscommunication and wasted time on both sides. Mudeer prides himself on his previous clients' satisfaction and their appreciation of him going above and beyond their expectations. He looks forward to writing for you!
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Technical Writing, Article Writing, SEO friendly content, Content Editing


Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, STEM topics, History, Politics, Film


The University of Texas At Austin

Mudeer graduated with a BS degree in mechanical engineering from UT Austin where he perfected his written communication skills on highly technical and scientific topics. This has prepared him well in the practice of effective written communication and explanation of complex topics for technical and/or non-technical audiences.


0 Projects Completed

Mudeer was the main author and editor on an 80+ page document that covered the effectiveness and testing of metallic mechanical seals in subsea environments at extreme pressures.

Search Marketing

0 Projects Completed

Mudeer is an expert in search engine optimization (SEO) and has successfully ranked websites through his use of content writing, article writing, and his proprietary backlinking formula that works quickly in service-based industries. This webpage also ranks for the main keywords in the cities that it serves in both the organic and map pack results.


0 Projects Completed

Mudeer developed the SEO-friendly and keyword-rich content for a fence repair and installation company's website. By breaking down any technical jargon into information the average homeowner would understand, and designing the website with the POV of a typical homeowner in mind, he was able to have the website rank in the top spots for both the organic search and map pack search results.

He also has experience reviewing engineering construction plans involving public water utility systems for the state of Texas, where he had to constantly communicate and collaborate with professional civil engineers via email and letters to get plans approved.

Web Page

0 Projects Completed

The vast majority of Mudeer's writing experience has involved developing content for clients that use the pieces for publishing on live websites. He has curated and/or edited content across various industries and quickly adapts to any industry where he doesn't have much experience. In addition to the content type of web page, Mudeer has also had success in writing white papers, product descriptions, blog posts/articles, and speeches.

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