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Kevin has worked in teaching English as a second language for over ten years. Towards that end, he obtained a Master’s of Arts degree in Education for teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). When he is not teaching, he is writing.

In information technology, Kevin started with an IBM 360, getting his 8-bit Osborne II system in 1979, building his first PC in Taiwan while teaching English. He has worked professionally with Linux, Unix, OS-X 10, and nearly every version of Windows from 3.1 to his current Windows 10 system, in multiple languages. His current system is a self-built AMD Ryzen 7 64-bit one. He has had a combined total employment period directly in IT spanning ten years.

Because of Kevin’s ability to work with computers and numbers, in 1980 he started doing bookkeeping with Apple computers, graduating to computerizing accounting systems, and creating complex spreadsheets for various business needs. Overall, he has over ten years of direct profit and non-profit accounting experience.

In 1980, Kevin started working with international students, which eventually had him living in southern Taiwan for over eight years starting in 1986, and in Shaanxi, China, another two and half years starting in 2014. Through those decades, he developed fluency and some literacy in Mandarin Chinese and has maintained an active interest in anything Chinese and related to China, as well as with all international interactions with China, especially Sino-American. Kevin’s wife is Chinese, so he has daily practice with speaking Mandarin Chinese, teaching English, and learning new things about the Chinese people.

When not writing, Kevin works as a substitute teacher for pre-Kindergarten through the twelfth grades, including in the schools that have the brightest students and with those incarcerated in the juvenile halls. Then for the fun of it, he drives Uber, more for the social interaction than for the money.

Because of diverse interests and backgrounds, it is not uncommon for Kevin to perceive issues from a fundamentally different light from most people. Consequently, he *is* the source of many original ideas that cannot be credited to other people or authors.
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Chinese studies
Asian studies
Information technology
Medical writing
Blog writing


Economics, particularly macro-economics
Reformed and Evangelical Christianity with associated Biblical studies
Amateur Radio
Physical sciences (astronomy, physics, engineering)


College of the Redwoods

GPA 3.57

Pursued general studies leading for a transfer to Humboldt State University, as well as many science and technology classes that were interesting.

Humboldt State University

GPA: 3.68

This is an interdisciplinary degree putting emphasis in understanding non-Western countries, their peoples, cultures, politics, general historical contexts, and geographies. The Chinese emphasis focused specifically on China, with historical relationships with other Asian and western countries.

California State University, San Bernardino

GPA: 3.79

The studies involved teaching methods, content creation, pedagogical theory, and curriculum creation pertaining to how to teach English conversation, reading and writing skills to non-native English speakers.

Kevin has studied how to teach English to anybody who doesn’t know it but wants to learn it and give everybody a fun experience at the same time.


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Whenever Kevin gets a chance, he likes to research medical areas where there is controversy. This may apply to abortion, cancer sources, the misuse of statistics, misrepresentations of supposed medical "facts", et cetera. This usually requires having current access to online university science journals so as to make use of the latest research findings directly from the original sources.


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Kevin has an MA degree in Education, and he has worked for over 13 years in both the Chinese and American education systems, which have given him unique perspectives from which to critically examine contemporary pedagogies and educational theories. He also experienced his personal education from the perspectives of both a disabled student and a researcher. It took him over 37 years to obtain his BA degree because of various life issues, and then another four to get his MA. He has witnessed some tremendous changes in higher education during those years.

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Kevin has had a lot of experience from the University of Knock'm Hard'm. He has discovered that he can gain as much wisdom from a homeless person as he can from a Harvard-graduated Rhode Scholar professor, if not more. Life is the best school in town, even if it does not translate into pieces of paper recognized as a "diploma." That is one of the reasons private industry relies upon independent certifications more than it does upon college degrees. He can go on and on concerning those issues…

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Kevin's whole life, in one way or another, has centered upon the issue of communication and the transference of knowledge. His teaching experience, his volunteer work with the Amateur Radio Emergency Services, his fluency in Mandarin Chinese, and both his BA and MA degree subjects, all reflect his passion for communication. It could even be argued that his IT specialty, which was computer internetworking, is also another form of communication.

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