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Nancy's unique life, education and career experiences have enabled strong writing skills in a wide variety of styles. She lived in many states across the U.S. Her early career as a state licensed Cosmetologist led to her fascination with the beauty, hair and fashion industries. In undergraduate school, she became a copy editor, reporter and editor of the college newspaper. While later educational requirements often called for a more expository style of writing, her work with aged and disabled adults (as an abuse investigator) lends itself to a more technical approach. Work as a Licensed Professional Counselor led to writing in a clinical style. With a continued strong interest in women's health care, (including mental health and spiritual health concerns) Nancy also writes in a professional, research based style.


Women's health care, counseling, beauty and fashion, alcohol and drug addiction and recovery, are her top specialties.


Nancy has been an avid fisherwoman since childhood, with fond memories of fishing with her father in Wyoming at an early age. She not only fishes, but is fascinated by harbor life, walking the docks, admiring watercraft of all kinds; especially tugboats and fishing boats. In addition, Nancy is also a hunter; spending time hiking and climbing the hills in the mountains near her home. A life time learner and avid reader, Nancy continues to seek out new opportunities to talk, write and study.


Eastern Oregon University

Nancy began the undergraduate progrm at EOU to study education. She then became interested in a business degree, and then she took a 2 year hiatus to work with aged and disabled adults. She graduated in 1986 with a degree in General Studies, then returned to school for 2 years to study education. Her practicums included working with disabled children in the high school and 7-8 grade levels of junior high.

Walla Walla University

Nancy completed a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology. Her practicum experiences including working in the campus counseling clinic and the local community mental health agency.


4 Projects Completed

As a result of a 16 year career in counseling and a lifelong curiosity into the workings of the human psyche, Nancy holds a strong interest in women's health care, particularly the areas of weight loss, menopause and metabolism and emotional resiliency. She also holds a Master's Certificate in drug and alcohol counseling and is especially interested in the use of drugs and alcohol to cope, soothe and protect vs. the damaging effects that occur when the desired effect becomes elusive. The mental health counseling experience and the alcohol and drug counseling were gained with both teens and adults. Also, Nancy held a position as crisis counselor and was responsible, along with team members for writing proposals to administrators.


1 Projects Completed

As editor of the campus newspaper, THE BEACON, Nancy was responsible for writing a monthly editorial column. Topics ranged widely; from campus news and politics to more worldly themes to the history of the illegality of marijuana.

In addition, she maintained her status as a reporter and interviewed professors, reviewed theatre productions and discussed issues relevant to students.


0 Projects Completed

In 2017, I wrote a 54,000 word novel related to the civil war. The novel takes place in Missouri and in Chicago and describes the life of a young woman whose relatives were in the war.

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